CEO Mindset Expert Bonnie Cox Shares Insights on Profitable Management Strategy


Two upcoming calendar events provoke CEO mindset expert Bonnie Cox to share professionally developed management ideas taught within her seminars and training courses. As businesses anticipate the fiscal 4th quarter, shortly after the celebration of Labor Day, business woman Bonnie Cox offers a distinct correlation between bottom line financial profits gained and the value of the day-to-day task do-ers who aid in achieving the overall financial goal. Continue reading

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Aug 27, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Business woman and CEO mindset expert Bonnie Cox frequently speaks on the key components necessary for employees to adopt a CEO mindset that facilitates bottom line profits. Last Monday, Cox presented on stage at the Professionals In Human Resource Association (PIHRA) conference in Anaheim, CA to celebrate a new way of thinking-- and only a week before Labor Day.

Nationwide training courses focused on How to Think Like a CEO, along with a myriad of other topics, are offered and further detailed at or

Through corporate training programs and leadership coaching, Cox motivates managers, employees, and executives from a diverse range of industries. As a result, companies notice maintained and improved profits achieved through enhanced employee engagement and longer employee rention.  Working as a division within Select Staffing, her company Power Training Institute stimulates employees, regardless of rank or position, to adopt a business ownership mentaility.

With an economy still in rocovery, businesses in today's market look fiercely into each individual employee's job performance. Company downsizing and job outsourcing place tremendous pressure upon employees, and most often requires them to shoulder the combined responsibilities once designated for two or three positions, pre 2008 economic downfall. Exhausted employees, who are unable to see growth opportunities or feel drowned by daily redundancy, allow personal motivation to wane.

That's why companies want Bonnie Cox.

Through motivational leadership training Bonnie Cox coaches employees on how to envision themselves as CEOs of their own career. In doing so, individuals begin to strengthen their personal accountability. As employees shift their mindset to think like a CEO, they further consider the contributions and actions they can take to facilitate company profits and to help actualize the larger goals of their employers. Once a CEO mindset shifts into place, greater efficiency, effectiveness and leadership then follow. These behavioral and performance adjustments lead to greater profitability for companies.

Cox's twenty years experience in the Human Resource field, coupled with a MA degree in organizational managment, gives her a unique capacity to understand and address employee needs while still helping organizations obtain their top and bottom line business goals.

As a CEO mindset expert, Cox explains thought processes that CEOs and high level Executives maintain, and the components individuals may develop to support the overall company goal, which translates into profits. Key characteristics like accountability, perseverance, leadership, and strong relationships are just a few of the ways employees can engage in CEO-like mentality.

One avenue companies may take to yeild high performance results, Cox has found, is to target managers who oversee employees, especially new managers. Bonnie Cox shares tips on improving new manager performance in the video below.

Power Training Institute operates on the belief that "The only thing that separates you from the competition is the quality of your employees and the results they produce" (Bonnie Cox).

Mrs. Cox lives and breathes this motto.

On Tuesday, September 30th Bonnie Cox will be on stage again-- this time time in Spokane, WA for the NHRMA conference. She invites HR personnel and like-minded business people to listen in as she presents her expert knowledge on How to Think Like a CEO, so that companies can grow and employee careers flourish, one individual at a time.

A further look into Power Training Institute's management and skill acquisition courses is offered at and Bonnie Cox readily is available to discuss potential workplace challenges and coaching solutions for organizations at (805) 456-5227 or at [email protected].

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