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Oct 27, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Being the most successful, the largest and the oldest network in the world, CEO Space provides excellent opportunities for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Visionary investors to succeed. The company offers advanced training-materials for the next generation business, individual coaching, legal and much more to help the members reach their business goals. Currently, CEO Space is hiring Sales Professionals who can help business owners and entrepreneurs become satisfied in their businesses.

The Sales position of a Regional Director is currently open at CEO Space giving the chance to the motivated Sales Professionals from around the world to apply for it. Their role will be to find local and international entrepreneurs who search for options to easily and quickly build their businesses and register them in CEO Space as lifetime members. This will provide them an opportunity to attend Business Growth Conferences organized by the company and to benefit from the international network of entrepreneurs.

Regional Directors who are successful in making a great difference in entrepreneurs’ community will earn an annual income of over $100,000, while they are doing their favorite job.

Sales Professionals who are effective and positive communicators, have real life sales experience in building new business relationships, feel comfortable connecting with prospective members, and have passion and high energy for their work are welcomed to apply to this position.

CEO Space offers motivated individuals business and sales training to prepare them for the successful positioning of their business “product”, a chance to embark on a career, rewards and recognition, along with a six-figure income.

People, who are interested in the position of a Regional Director or know someone who might be interested in it, can visit for additional information, or contact [email protected]

About CEO Space: With nearly 100,000 members in 144 Countries, CEO Space is the world largest and most beneficial network of CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Visionary investors. The organization provides MBA-level training, endless opportunity for development and cooperation that result in business growth and income acceleration. The company is described by Forbes as "a MUST for Entrepreneurs".

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