Changeable Felt Letter Board Set Gives Back to Families and Classrooms


FELTNOOK, the company behind a popular all-inclusive changeable felt letter board set on Amazon, has been making a positive impact on classrooms in the USA and Canada with its educational initiative supporting children’s literacy. Continue reading

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Spokane, Washington, Jul 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- FELTNOOK, the company behind a popular all-inclusive felt letter board set on Amazon, is pleased to announce its educational initiative in supporting children’s literacy in the USA and Canada. The brand has proven themselves as a small family-run business that packs a big punch within the educational and home decor spaces, according to reviews and social media.

FELTNOOK letter boards, both regular sized and mini, have made a large impact in classrooms in particular. The company donates its letter boards to schools and children’s literacy programs across North America, where its boards are used to help students read, create and share positive messages with their peers, says the company.

According to a spokesperson from FELTNOOK, “When we started, our biggest issue with letter boards was the cost- they were really, really expensive, for just one board. The typical letter board is 10 inches by 10 inches in size, but we discovered that including a bonus mini felt letter board provided families and children with even more creativity and fun at home. We soon discovered that a letter board can be used for educational purposes, and started donating them to classrooms, our first being in California. The result was so overwhelmingly positive, we kept this program up and now kids everywhere are creating messages with our boards. We are humbled by the response.”

All of FELTNOOK’s changeable felt letter board sets on Amazon include a larger board with the additional smaller board, both handmade, crafted with sturdy oak wood frames. The set offers parents and teachers more affordability, says the company, in a niche market that has traditionally been regarded as quite expensive.

Social media influencers, photographers, parents and teachers are all raving about their letter boards from FELTNOOK. The company’s set on Amazon has garnered over 200 5-star reviews, with one teacher stating in her review:

“I purchased this adorable letter board set for my teaching partner. I loved it so much in her classroom that I bought one for myself! My students love using these, and it’s a fun way to share messages for them. Coming up with things to say and expressing their emotions using these boards has been so rewarding. Extremely high quality felt board and letters. The letters are easy to adjust and stay secure on the felt board.”

For those interested in more information, visit FELTNOOK’s Amazon storefront.


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