Children’s Arts and Craft Activities for Girls Take Centerstage in New Book Series

  • Date: Nov 11, 2020
  • Category: Books

Zoey’s Art has recently released Wanda’s World Series Books and activity books to inspire children’s arts and craft activities for girls. These activity books were written to complement the Wanda’s World Sewing Kit. Continue reading


Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Nov 11, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Michelle Worthy, the creator of Zoey's Art, is pleased to announce the official release of Wanda's World Series Books and activity books written by Zoey Worthy. The Book Series is based around the craft kit for Wanda's World. To inspire children's art and craft activities for girls, Worthy wrote Wanda's World Series Books and activity books around her popular Wanda's World Sewing Kit. With the book's main characters included in the kit, children can make them and play with them as they read the books.

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Michelle Worthy became an entrepreneur at a very young age, selling play dough to her classmates. A love for art and craft was instilled in her by her parents that eventually turned out to be the catalyst behind the formation of Zoey's Art to encourage her own children to pursue their dreams and own their own business. The company created the arts and craft kits and toys to help parents set up STEAM activities for their children with little-to-no mess. According to Worthy, the kits are self-contained, so parents need not go to the craft store and buy yards of fleece, spools of thread, or packages of needles. The kits from Zoey's Art ensure a positive experience for the whole family.

STEAM is an educational discipline that aims to spark an interest and lifelong love of the arts and sciences in children from an early age. Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math are similar fields of study in that they all involve creative processes, and none uses just one method for inquiry and investigation. Teaching relevant, in-demand skills that will prepare students to become innovators in an ever-evolving world is paramount, not only for the future of the students themselves but for the future of the country.

"We offer a selection of kids' arts and craft kits as we continue to develop as a business and our kids continue to grow. We are constantly encouraging our kids to embark on new adventures. We just celebrated the release of Zoey's first book series that compliments her craft kits. Also, we have launched the writing careers of other children as well," Worthy says.

More girls are in school today than ever before, but they do not always have the same opportunities as boys to complete and benefit from an education of their choice. They are significantly under-represented in STEAM education, and consequently in STEAM careers. With as many as eight books for girls available in paperback and Kindle editions, Wanda's World Series looks to encourage more girls to embrace careers in the field of STEAM.

"I read the reviews before my purchase. My granddaughter loved it and was able to make it, with supervision and encouragement from me. It was a great quick and easy project. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has a 5-year-old-boy-or-girl," a highly impressed customer mentioned in his Amazon review.

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Our arts and craft kits and toys help you to set up STEAM activities with a little-to-no mess. There’s no need to go to the craft store and by yards of fleece, spools of thread, or packages of needles. Our kits provide you with precisely what you need — nothing more, nothing less. This no-hassle arts-and-craft setup ensures a positive experience for the whole family.
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