Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs Are a Delicious, Fat-Dense Pre-Workout Snack


Keto shoppers can indulge and lose weight simultaneously when incorporating chocolate keto fat bombs into a workout routine. GoalFoods’ decadent dark chocolate snacks are packed with nutrients and taste like dessert. Continue reading

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Houston, Texas, Jun 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Fat bombs are a low-carb, energy-boosting staple in the ketogenic (keto) diet. They can be eaten as pre-workout snacks, meal replacements, and even dessert. GoalFoods' luxurious, dark chocolate keto fat bombs taste like the latter but are meant to fuel and help burn fat, helping the body stay in ketosis.

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GoalFoods wants to provide keto shoppers with guilt-free snacks that satisfy sweet cravings, making it easier to adhere to the keto diet. "Take the guilt out of satisfying your keto sweet tooth and keep the keto diet dream alive with this ridiculously rich fat bombs keto snacks chocolate indulgence. Powered by cacao, grass-fed whey protein, almond butter and coffee, they elevate your mood and slay your cravings," says Jeanne M. Andrews, the senior company spokesperson.

The chocolate fat bombs contain only 130 calories and 9 grams of healthy fat. Foods high in these fats may promote fat-burning in the body, helping users maintain a healthy weight. For athletes, the keto fat bombs can be used for pre-workout fuel and can help shed pounds in combination with a fitness routine.

GoalFoods aims to help shoppers reach their fitness goals by making delicious snacks that are high in fat, protein and nutrients: "Your taste buds will truly think these decadent keto sweets are desserts. These low-carb protein bars are crafted with clean and healthy ingredients that make for the perfect weight loss snacks. We know you work hard to sculpt that beautiful body, so get the boost you're looking for and fuel your fitness goals," says Andrews.

Keto customers have been satisfied with the product to date. One shopper who follows a keto diet uses the snacks regularly said, "This is a perfect snack for anyone doing keto. All-natural keto ingredients. Because they are individually wrapped, their freshness is sealed in, making it easy to take with you for convenience. I take one with me to the office for when I get a little craving of sweet to curb the cravings. The protein amount is great if you want to use it for pre-or-post-workouts as well! You won't be disappointed by these!! Enjoy!"

For more information about GoalFoods protein snacks, please visit its official website or Amazon storefront.


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