Citadel Deck Block for Trading Card Games Kickstarter Campaign Now Live


Quiver Time has announced that its Kickstarter Campaign for the Citadel Deck Block is now live. Anyone wanting to contribute to making this product a reality for players of trading card games will receive discounts and early access to rewards. Continue reading


Jan 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Quiver Time, producer of cases, deck blocks and card sleeves for trading card games, is excited to announce that the Kickstarter Campaign for the all-new Citadel Deck Block is now live. Senior spokesperson for the company, lonut lacob, says, "Our team worked continuously to design the Citadel Deck Block. Like the Quiver Card Case, our aim is to make the Citadel Deck Block the go-to solution for carrying cards in a safe and smart way. For this to happen, we need your help once again. Support our Kickstarter Campaign today and enjoy amazing discounts and early access to rewards. Plus, you will be contributing to the amazing story of making Citadel Deck Block a reality."

Quiver Time has already seen huge success with its widely popular card case on the Quiver Time Amazon store. The brand reports that players of trading card games such as Magic: the Gathering have had nothing but great things to say. One commenter stated, "An absolutely amazing product! I can't find a single negative thing to say about this case! It's sturdy, sleek, comfortable, excellent quality, holds deck boxes and sleeves, cards and a playmat! Worth every last penny for someone who plays any trading card game!" The Citadel Deck Block promises to match current Quiver Time products in quality and durability.

"The all-new Citadel deck block offers the ultimate in deck protection, convenience and esthetics. Our deck block is versatile; it can hold 100 double-sleeved cards or more than 130 single sleeved cards," continues Iacob. "Players have the option to store tokens and dice with room left for 60 double or 80 single-sleeved cards. Storage works with cards horizontally or vertically depending on player preference."

A glow in the dark white window allows for labeling that can be easily erased. A clear divider can be used to separate cards from dice and tokens, and it doubles as an erasable scoreboard. The block cover is completely removable and can be used as a small playmat. The cover is magnetically held in place, but an elastic strap is included for extra protection. As a bonus, the Citadel Deck Block has been designed to fit into the Quiver Time Playing Card Case which can fit up to four deck blocks for maximum portability and security.

Anyone interested in more information on the Kickstarter Campaign or other Quiver Time products should visit the company's Kickstarter page or Amazon storefront.


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