Coaches Console Founder Melinda Cohan Insists that a Smooth Backend is the First Step for Coaches to Build Reliable Business Profits


Business Building Vixen and Coaches Console Co-Founder Melinda Cohan shares the four reasons most new life and business coaches fail and offers a road map to guide them to get quickly organized to achieve confidence and reliable business results right out of the gate. Continue reading

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Sep 15, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Thousands of aspiring life and business coaches get stuck at the front door instead of accelerate along a fast path to reliable profits because they get overwhelmed with the backend details of running their businesses.

In fact, the Department of Labor reports that 94% of small business owners fail to achieve the six-figure revenue mark. One of the reasons is that they are overwhelmed by back office details that divert their focus from client attraction.

"Failure to get organized at the start of any new business is the reason so many new life and business coaches fail," says Business Building Vixen and Coaches Console Co-Founder Melinda Cohan.

Cohan and her business partner Kate Steinbacher are on a mission to change that.

Having served 44,296 formerly frustrated and frazzled coaches to become confident, ready, and profitable since starting Coaches Console in 2004, Cohan and Steinbacher know all too well the problems that keep new coaches stuck in overwhelm and weak profits.

The leading contributors to frustration and struggle from the start include:

1)  Failure to Get Organized; 2)  Limiting Beliefs that Keep New Coaches Under Earning and Underperforming; 3)  Roller Coaster Revenues; 4)  Failure to Integrate Backend Business Systems to Create Ease and Flow.

Cohan and Steinbacher offer a series of three free videos and useful tools to pave a path to smoother backend organization and faster profits.  It is free to watch and benefit. In addition, they are leading an educational webinar on September 18th at 3:00pm Eastern / 12:00pm Pacific called “The Truth Behind the Business of Coaching: What You MUST Know To Get Clients, Earn Money and Make Your Biggest Impact.”   Register at

About The Coaches Console:

The Coaches Console is the industry’s leading tool to organize and automate a professional coaching business.  Business and life coaches around the world use this leading all-inclusive application to schedule sample coaching sessions, process payments, and accomplish client management with ease and confidence. To learn more and benefit from the September 18 webinar, register and learn more at

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"Don't confuse perfectionism with professionalism. Organization is the key to creating confidence to ask for and get new business. Streamlining the backend of any business takes reaction mode out of the equation to create reliable, predictable business results."
- Business Building Vixen and Coaches Console Co-Founder Melinda Cohan
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