Popular Collectible Card Games Brand, Quiver Time, Joins TCGPlayer Marketplace


Quiver Time is happy to announce it has joined the TCGPlayer marketplace for buyers and sellers of collectible card games and items. The brand offers an impressive range of high-quality trading card game supplies, suitable for all game enthusiasts.


Jan 14, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Quiver Time, known for creating innovative solutions for collectible card and board games, is excited to announce that it has recently joined the TCGPlayer marketplace. A fast-growing e-commerce marketplace for buyers and sellers of collectible items, TCGplayer hosts thousands of sellers of trading card games and supplies on its website and sees about 1.1 million unique monthly buyers.

Find more about the TCGPlayer e-commerce marketplace at https://seller.tcgplayer.com/articles/quiver-time-card-game-protection-now-available-on-tcgplayer/.

Quiver Time is the brainchild of three school colleagues with a common passion for board games and card games. Their 20-year friendship has included many amicable marathons of card and board games, during which the friends found a need for a practical, modern product to hold their cards. The product would benefit the whole community of players, whether playing at home, with friends or attending tournaments.

Quiver Time aims to satisfy even the most astute tastes with a focus on pairing utility and aesthetics in all its products. The brand’s senior spokesperson says, “We pride ourselves to be not just a commercial enterprise, but as well...part of the tabletop community. We strive to launch products that provide exceptional value, while at the same time improving the experience and life of people playing card games all over the world.”

The Citadel Deck Block saw resounding success on its Kickstarter campaign earlier this year and is now available to all game enthusiasts with its recent retail launch. The Citadel Deck Block features a magnetic leather wrap that can double as a small playmat, a transparent divider that can be used as a rewritable scoreboard and a phosphorescent wipeable label tag. The deck block can store up to 130 single-sleeved cards or 80 single-sleeved cards with dice and tokens.

The company offers its Quiver Card Cases, Bolt Card Cases, clear and matte card sleeves, and standard deck blocks to round out its impressive product line. The brand ensures that customers can rely on its products, which meet stringent standards for quality, security, card safety, durability and versatility. The company comments, “We know how a passionate card player spends his free time, what difficulties he meets when traveling or attending tournaments, and what would make his experience better.”

The company is also gaining support from other esteemed card brands. Tolarian Community College, the number one Magic: The Gathering channel, has released an excellent review of the best deck boxes. The review includes Quiver Time’s popular Quiver Bolt, which received a perfect rating. The Bolt’s compact design holds 400 single-sleeved cards with additional room for tokens and dice.

Furthermore, Amazon customers are consistently writing positive reviews for Quiver Time products. One satisfied customer says, “I've had my Quiver for about a year now, and it's really stood the test of time. There are times I've shoved probably way too many things inside, and the zipper has been very kind to me. I'm really happy that it comfortably fits four of the Boulder 100-count cases inside and still has room for my tokens, spindowns and dice block.”

To learn more about Quiver Time’s full range of top-quality trading card game supplies, please visit the official company website or Amazon worldwide stores.


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