Company Culture Development Expert John Moser to Appear on “I Know This Guy”


Team “I Know This Guy” announced John Moser as its valued guest for the upcoming week. A company culture development expert, Moser is the founder of hospitality consulting and management company MBB Management. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Apr 05, 2021 /prREACH/ -- "I Know This Guy," an acclaimed podcast hosted by Norman Farrar, is pleased to announce that noted company culture development expert John Moser will appear on the program next week. Farrar shares inspiring life stories of various eminent personalities he has met in his three-decade-long career as an entrepreneur through this weekly podcast. Over the last few months, he has hosted entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and more from around the world.

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John Moser has worked for years as Chief Operating Officer and Hotel General Manager engaged in improving existing operations. This experience helped him come up with the concept of impact management. A less permanent management option, this relatively new approach is all about helping a business reach its full potential quickly and efficiently. Farrar and Moser will discuss impact management and much more in the upcoming week's hospitality industry podcast.

As the founder of MBB Management, Moser leads a team of like-minded professionals to make good businesses better. Offering award-winning operational and administrative services, the company has made a huge positive impact on several brands. Its specialization areas include bench management, franchise consulting, social media marketing, and food cost solutions. MBB strives to maintain long-term relationships with all its clients and exceeds their expectations each time. The team at MBB Management understands that each client has different requirements and has the knowledge and experience to deliver measurable results to each of them.

In the past, John Moser has worked with Delco Development as its COO, receiving 16 Quality Assurance (Outstanding) Awards from Hilton Hotel Corporation. He has also received the 2010 Wyndham Developer and Manager of the Year award as COO of Delco Development. Moser was also a certified general manager at Hilton, Hampton Inn & Suites, Wyndham and Starwood. He has an enviable track record of opening three hotels in 36 weeks.

Moser has been in the hospitality industry since he was 11 years old and has made it from a dishwasher to owning a hospitality management company. He is passionate about teaching and enjoys seeing other people's success more than his own. In a highly rewarding career, Moser has trained and taught over 1,000 managers in the hospitality industry. Moser's Philadelphia local business interview with Norman Farrar promises to be an excellent opportunity for the audience to know more about this hospitality industry veteran.

To find out more about John Moser and his life and work, please tune in to the upcoming episode of "I Know This Guy."

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About  John Moser

He is a  Certified general manager at Hilton, Hampton Inn & Suites, Wyndham and Starwood.  He founded MBB Management to deliver incredible expertise and credentials under one roof to make a difference in the lives of business owners | |


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