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Third Rock has recently discussed the importance of waste minimization at home for protecting the environment. The company’s compost bin for kitchen counter is already a popular choice for eco-conscious households. Continue reading


Ashgrove, QLD, Dec 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Third Rock, a small family business dedicated to sustainability and waste-free living, has recently shared key points about how domestic waste reduction can help the environment. The company's compost bin for kitchen counter has already made a strong impact on Amazon by helping families reduce how much waste they send to the landfill. Third Rock informs that many homeowners have already made use of this user-friendly and compact compost bin to transition to a waste-free lifestyle.

Third Rock informs that waste management is a major issue facing modern society. Many communities now place emphasis on the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. "Composting provides a means of accomplishing all three of these," said Jason Hetherington, senior spokesperson for Third Rock. "The amount of garbage sent to the landfill is reduced, the organic matter is reused rather than dumped, and it is recycled into an effective fertilizer for the soil.

"Not only does composting keep landfills from filling up prematurely, but it also minimizes the pollution they create. Research shows that plant matter doesn't decay cleanly when placed in landfills," Hetherington continued. "The layers of trash burying the plant matter create an anaerobic environment. This airless environment causes the plant matter to produce methane gas as it decays. This greenhouse gas is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Consequently, composting helps minimize landfills' contribution to climate change."

The countertop compost bin from Third Rock makes composting easy like never before, Hetherington maintains. Users just need to secure the lid after piling all their food waste into the kitchen compost bucket. Odor and fruit-fly infestation are two common problems faced in home composting. Third Rock has addressed this problem with an in-lid charcoal filter. Each of these filters lasts for 8-12 weeks between replacements. If users choose to use compost bin liners, the inside pail can be removed.

"This is a great looking compost bin, and everything fits together well. We've already received compliments on great it looks on our kitchen counter. Highly recommended," a satisfied user mentioned.

To find out more about Third Rock's line of eco-friendly products, please visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.



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