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May 22, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Auto glass company Jacob’s Low Price Auto Glass has recently celebrated 17 years in the business. The Dallas business replaces and repairs car windshields and windows that have been broken or damaged.

Jacob’s Low Price Auto Glass is a family owned and operated business. Since they opened in 2000, they have worked on virtually every type of vehicle on the market. Many of the most common windshields and windows are kept on the premises, creating one of the largest shops of inventory. This is beneficial to walk in customers and those who need a quick repair or replacement.

Jacob’s Low Price Auto Glass also has a mobile service and can drive to a customer’s place of business or home. Being professionals in the business for 17 years , customers are encouraged to replace the windshield if the cracks or chips near the edge of the windshield, longer than 3 inches, radiate in different directions, or if there are multiple ones.

In the state of Texas, if there is a crack in a car’s windshield, the car may not pass state inspection. A damaged windshield or window can be a hazard to drivers, passengers, or even other cars. It can obscure the view of the drivers or become a distraction. Damaged glass is 60 to 70 percent weaker than intact glass. Since a windshield can provide nearly half of the strength of the car’s support, when a windshield is damaged, the weakened windshield may it more dangerous for drivers and passengers should a crash or rollover occur. This makes it more critical to have it replaced quickly without the wait for replacement parts.

Jacob’s Low Price Auto Glass takes insurance. Most auto insurance policies will pay for a windshield chip repair and depending on the insurance coverage, a windshield replacement. A deductible may be covered in the case of a chipped repair but not in a replacement. Many times Jacob’s Low Price Auto Glass replacement cost is less than a deductible.

For more information on Jacob's Low Price Auto Glass, please go to: http://www.lowpriceautoglass49.com/

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“We guarantee our work to match factory tint and shades along with our making sure parts are connected and working properly,” states Jay Williams. “We have been around so long because we are quick, professional, and offer a low price.”
- Jay Williams
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