Damascus Steel Knife Impresses Users With Beauty and Function


KUMA’s Damascus steel knife is proving to be a cut above other knives. The knife is not only razor-sharp but visually stunning thanks to its Damascus pattern-welded blade. Continue reading

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COPENHAGEN, Oct 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- KUMA is pleased to announce that its Damascus steel knife is continuing to impress users with its ultra-sharp blade and beautiful, pattern-welded design. KUMA is a family-run company committed to providing its customers with the best kitchen tools at an affordable price. Its product line currently includes the Damascus chef knife, a multipurpose 8-inch chef knife, a pro-bolster edition chef knife and a honing rod.

To learn more about KUMA’s Damascus steel chef knife, please visit https://www.amazon.com/KUMA-Professional-Damascus-Steel-Knife/dp/B074RMQR9Q.

Pattern-welded steel is essentially a modernized reproduction of ancient steel forged from wootz ores. This kind of steel dates back to as early as 300 A.D. and is classified by its swirling, watery pattern. Following a series of scientific advancements in the 1980s, modern knife makers have recreated Damascus steel for the global market. KUMA’s Damascus blade is among the more affordable options for home chefs who won’t sacrifice on sharpness and style.

“Our 8-inch Japanese chef knife is made of 67 layers of premium Japanese Damascus steel for extraordinary strength and longevity. Our sturdy kitchen knife is ultra-strong and chip-resistant for solid, lasting resilience,” says a spokesperson for the company.

KUMA’s Japanese chef knife is made from high-quality steel for corrosion resistance and long-lasting sharpness. The blade must undergo eight different engineering tests to be ready to sell and hand-finished with KUMA’s V-shape sharpening technology. This means that customers can enjoy out-of-the-box sharpness that will withstand various uses in the kitchen; the blade can cut through sturdy vegetables, raw tomatoes and roasted meat with ease.

Customers are sharing their excitement about the beauty and functionality of the chef knife. “The knife came in on time with what Amazon said, and I couldn't wait to bring it out of the box. After gushing over the beautiful Damascus pattern, I decided to put it to use,” writes one user on Amazon. “To spare the details, this knife is amazing, easily the best I’ve ever used. I highly recommend this knife to anyone if they ask me.”

Another reviewer says, “This knife was razor sharp out of the box. Good balance and cuts through anything. Have a premium whetstone to keep it sharp, but so far, it is the slicing champ of the knife kingdom here at my house. Came in a nice package and looks really special (and cuts that way, too). So far, I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

To keep the knife as sharp as possible, KUMA recommends that users wash their knives by hand with soap and water and dry with a clean towel immediately afterward. Water and dust can damage steel over time, so KUMA’s knives also come with a sheath and knife guard for optimal storage conditions.

To learn more about KUMA’s Damascus steel knife, please visit its official website or Amazon storefront.


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