DeHu Creators Announce the Pitch Desk Project Is in the Pre-Launch Stage


The Decentralized Human (DeHu) project is currently in the pre-launch stage. Based on an open-source pitch concept for everyone worldwide, the philanthropy-driven project will soon be available for purchase as a public token on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Continue reading


Feb 03, 2022 /prREACH/ -- Co-creators of the Decentralized Human (DeHu) project are pleased to announce DeHu is currently in the pre-launch stage and set to soon become available as a public token on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain Blockchain for all crypto-enthusiasts as well as those interested in diving into the world of crypto assets and cryptocurrency

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Co-creators Simon Rosenberg, Victor Salarrayan and Miguel Angel Perez have designed DeHu to be a censorship-resistant and open-source pitch desk for every human being on Earth trying to do life-serving business. The fundamental focus of the project is to provide people with the ability to vote for ideas submitted by human beings to help the world and support philanthropy globally. Rosenberg adds, “With every vote, you have the power of free choice at your fingertips to support life-changing ideas around the world and inside the metaverse.”

When launched, DeHu will offer 10 categories, each containing a variety of projects from around the globe that can gain support through a process of elimination by vote. Each category will have a winner who competes for the final DecentralizedHuman DAO Grants. In total, the top-three ideas will each receive a grant.

Anyone wishing to participate in the voting process will need at least one DeHu token. Each token represents one “immutable and censorship-resistant vote,” as described by Rosenberg. A ticket buy-in for accredited investors and venture capitalists is described as a minimum of 10,000 USD (and equivalent in AUD, EURO, GBP, NZD, SGD and ZAR).

Rosenberg concludes with the following:

  • Dematerialize and earn origination fees forever on the Decentralized Human Protocol (paid in Ethereum – ETH, Polygon - MATIC and Binance Smart Chain - BSC)
  • 10,000,000.00 DeHu tokens for active participation in the Decentralized Human Voting Protocol (ERC20, MATIC, and BSC)
  • Up to 2% on nine deals closed weekly via the Decentralized Human Protocol

Those interested in learning more about the benefits of the pre-launch stage should send an email to DeHu Support at [email protected] or visit the official website.


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