Delaware Adoption Agency Hosts Adoption Panel

  • Date: Feb 23, 2018
  • Category: Family

Adoptions From The Heart is hosting an Adoptive Parent and Birth Parent panel for anyone interested in learning more about the domestic adoption process.

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Feb 23, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Adopting a child is a beautiful choice that thousands of individuals and couples make each year. When starting out on this journey, the first choice that needs to be made is where the prospective parents want to adopt from.  A myth in the United States, that has been widely spread, is the myth that it is very difficult to adopt an infant in the U.S. and that anyone looking for a child should seek out international adoption agencies.

The reasons that Americans seek international adoption include the beliefs that there are no infants available, that domestic adoption is much more expensive than international adoption, and that it can take years, even a decade to be matched with a child. However, none of these are true. In fact, around 18,000 infants are adopted each year in the U.S., the costs associated with domestic adoption are typically the same as international adoption, and most prospective parents are matched with their new family member within a year.

Adoptions From The Heart, a non-profit domestic adoption agency which has been helping to build families since 1985, understands that even though the decision to adopt is joyful, it can also be stressful. That’s why their adoption professionals do everything they can to ensure that both prospective parents and birth parents fully understand the entire process from start to finish and feel supported along the way.

To continue the support that is offered to everyone involved, the agency is offering an educational course called “Adoptive Parent & Birth Parent Panel”.  During this panel, experiences of past adoptive parents and birth parents will be discussed, including how open adoption can work, hospital experiences, and the time spent waiting for a match. This panel will take place at the agency’s Wilmington, DE location on April 21st, 2018. Space is limited so those interested are urged to sign up as soon as possible.

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