New Podcast Reveals How To Travel The World And Get Paid To Do It

  • Date: Feb 09, 2015
  • Category: Travel

A Brisbane couple is telling the world through their new podcast series “5 Dollar Planet” how they turned their back on a conventional work life to earn a living travelling full time. Continue reading

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Feb 09, 2015 /prREACH/ -- A new podcast series dedicated to the lives of a Brisbane couple who travel the world and live off just $23USD a day has been released. Entitled ‘5 Dollar Planet’, the podcast series shares the pair’s interesting lives of having no fixed abode, visiting over 23 countries in two years and generating income through a location-independent business.

In 2013, when Tommo and Megsy, a wedding singer and travel agent, were approaching their 30s, they began saving for a house and mortgage, eventually amassing $35,000 for a deposit. However, the growing uncertainty surrounding banks and the housing market gave the pair impetuous to drop the orthodox plan and instead travel the world as nomads. Taking their house deposit savings, Tommo and Megsy decided to live life by their own rules and travel the planet whilst founding and developing their own online business to fund their adventure. Their new podcast aims to inspire others to discover the liberation of travelling at will in a fun and engaging manner.

‘5 Dollar Planet’ embraces the philosophy that a person’s life is made up of memories that come from experiences rather than physical possessions. Two years since leaving their conventional lives, Tommo and Megsy have had more experiences than many others will have in their lifetimes, including crossing Mongolia steppe overland, living in a volcanic spa in South Korea and falling in love with Macedonian cuisine. The pair have shed their material living past and traditional conventions in exchange for finding status and fulfilment through full and interesting lives. This ideology includes having backpacks that hold only 10kg (22 pounds) of luggage each, allowing Tommo and Megsy more freedom to either stay in one place or leave as they see fit with ease.

With a high number of anecdotes and tales to tell, Tommo and Megsy manage an online travel blog discussing their experiences for others to learn from. Following positive feedback of their blog, the couple have released their ‘5 Dollar Planet’ podcast series. As well as including humorous tales from Tommo and Megsy’s adventures, the podcast describes in greater detail the lifestyle choice of being a digital nomad and the strategies that have helped the pair transform their lives.

Without the mental weight of a fixed abode and the financial expenditure that comes with being a homeowner, Tommo and Megsy have found that they can afford to travel the world and see the wonders within it with a modest budget of $705USD each per month, roughly the same budget needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the couple’s native Brisbane. As a result, ‘5 Dollar Planet’ also shares financial tips and tricks, such as travel budget planning and how to find the best deals locally.

From those who are curious in becoming digital nomads to others who are interested in having a greater work-life balance, ‘5 Dollar Planet’ is quickly generating an enthusiastic following from those who are not interested in high monetary lifestyles or material status. The first instalments of ‘5 Dollar Planet’ are available on iTunes now.

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Tom Williams

I used to sit in an office 60 hours a week and was too tired to do much more than sleep afterwards. It was all work and no life. I could look back on a year and only remember a few key events. Repetitive routine was essentially robbing me of life memories. I don’t have that problem now I have a travel freedom lifestyle.
- Megsy Collins, Podcaster
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