Dinosaur Explorer Kit for Boys and Girls Hits Amazon Market


IVY STEP, an experienced manufacturer of educational toys for children, has recently launched its dinosaur explorer kit on Amazon. This innovatively designed toy promotes creativity, social skills, and independence in children by encouraging them to play.

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San Diego, CA, Nov 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- IVY STEP is pleased to announce the official launch of its dinosaur explorer kit on Amazon. A seasoned manufacturer of developmental toys for kids, iVY STEP designed this product to encourage today's children to get off their electronic gadgets and spend quality time playing outside. Each set of the product comes with two dinosaur species (Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus), binoculars, an oversized magnifying glass, a crank flashlight, a prehistoric crocodile watch and a carrying bag. This educational toy is available on Amazon for $16.95.

"Our explorer kit encourages kids to become modern-day dinosaur explorer as the toy comes with two dinosaurs. It allows kids to roleplay and interact with each other, and this stimulates their brain development," said Peter Nobbs, a spokesperson from iVY STEP. "Getting young boys and girls off the iPads and back playing outside is also a great way to develop creativity, social skills and independence."

According to the brand, the ivy step dinosaur explorer kit provides a complete dinosaur package that offers hours of creative playtime for children, allowing them to explore and discover the world of dinosaurs like never before. Ergonomically designed and child-safe binoculars help them to spot dinosaurs in the backyard. The prehistoric crocodile watch completes their dinosaur experience by incorporating learning while having fun.

Gone are the days of being sent outside to play in the morning, and staying outdoors, exploring with friends for hours. Outdoor play gives children opportunities to develop their observation and creativity skills, which leads to higher levels of learning readiness. Unfortunately, today's children are often found glued to the TV, mesmerized by their iPads or tuned out with a multitude of other electronic devices.

"The 5-year-old boy who this was gifted to loved it. It came with binoculars, a flashlight, and a fun slap watch he loved and kept him entertained while he was visiting. He carried the backpack it came with around the house. This is just perfect for kids," a satisfied buyer mentioned in his Amazon review.

Those interested in learning more about iVY STEP's explorer kits for boys and girls should visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.



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