Do Good Have Fun Car Mount™ the most sought after stocking stuffer gift this season


The five star reviews keep coming in, customers are buying more car mounts for gifts for the holidays. Not only is a cell phone car holder great small gift to put in a stocking stuffer, but keeps your recipient safe and hands free to enjoy their ride. Continue reading

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Nov 08, 2013 /prREACH/ -- As the holiday season approaches people are looking forward to travelling either over long or short distances. As a precautionary measure people are investing in cell phone holders. Do Good Have Fun™ car mount is the one cell phone car mount that shoppers are looking for. The fact that the Do Good Have Fun™ car mount is a universal cell phone car mount makes it ideal for car owners who have more than one phone or whose car is used by multiple family members.

The law requires that drivers use a hands free set-up while driving; it can be cumbersome to place a phone just anywhere in the vehicle. Sometimes people don't want to miss an important call, but maintain focus on the road. Having a cell phone holder is the most ideal solution. Drivers will stay safe and at the same time ensure that they will receive all calls. Using Do Good Have Fun™ car mount ensures that one stay on course. Drivers do not have to search for phones in pockets, bags or center console when it rings. Do Good Have Fun™ car mount fits in a variety of phones and other gadgets. This universal car mount fits an iPhone, Samsung GS4, HTC One, Motorola Droid Razr, Blackberry Q Series, Garmin, Tom GPS or many other mobile devices.

Do Good Have Fun™ Car Mount is a user friendly gadget. A customer who bought one for the holiday season could not hide her joy when she was asked about her experience with the device; “Great price point and super easy to install.... just twist and lock into place. Its compact size also makes it a great travel companion for rental cars, etc. Think this just may be my go-to stocking stuffer gift this year!” This holiday season all shoppers will be able to give a gift that will do good and be fun.

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Brooke EM

"We can't think of a more perfect holiday gift this season. Hands Free is the law so we DO GOOD by keeping everyone safe. Now they get to have the FUN by getting to use GPS and MUSIC functions from their smart phone by preparing in advance"
- Lee S (Do Good Have Fun co-founder)
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