Do Good Have FunTM Car Mount Plays Cupid as Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

  • Date: Feb 05, 2014
  • Category: Telecom

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Feb 05, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Do Good Have FunTM, maker of some of the most popular compact car mounts sold on Amazon, has announced their intention to get loved ones to drive safely by equipping them with the best Valentine’s day gift possible. In light of growing concerns for safer driving habits around the country, in conjunction with the numerous law around the United States that instituted hands free driving beginning Jan. 1, 2014, Do Good Have FunTM is raising consumer awareness now through the Valentine’s Day weekend by playing cupid with their Do Good Have FunTM car mount, and officially marking it as the “Best Gift for Valentine’s Day”.

The primary intention of the company is to increase consumer focus on the growing importance of using car mounts for hands free driving. Valentine’s Day is an especially significant day for many couples and is often time of high excitement. It also means though that people are often in a rush. Do Good Have FunTM has consistently striven to bring attention to the fact that non-hands free driving typically leads to driving erratically. That fact alone, combined with the other fact that American’s across the country typically tend to drive and communicate more while on the road during Valentine’s Day (attempting to make romantic engagements from home to home, to dinners, etc.) all point to Do Good Have FunTM car mount as being one of the best gift for this Valentine’s Day to address such concerns.

The Do Good Have FunTM  “Best Gift for Valentine’s Day” awareness event runs now through the end of Valentine Day. For Valentine's Day Do Good Have Fun is having 25% off their Car Phone Mount for Windshield & Dashboard.  To take advantage of this, go to and use code: cupid111

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