Dock Blocks Introduces The Ultimate Drive-on Lift Jet Ski Dock


With unveiling of Drive-on Jet Ski Dock, Dock Blocks, the leading retailer in docking systems, has added yet another feather to its cap by bringing the ultimate feature to its platform design to give an enhanced experience for fishing, entertaining, and lounging in the deep. Continue reading

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May 27, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Dock Blocks, the leading retailer in docking systems, unveiled its Drive-on Jet Ski Dock with an added critical component to the platform design that boosts the experience of fishing, entertaining and/or lounging around.

Recalling Dock Blocks’ earlier announcement that the company would release a new swim platform design that included flip-up ladder features and decking options, customers responded positively to the news. The new docking system is sure to sensationalize water sports.

This latest docking equipment includes a sliding docking system, provided with rollers that allow customers to roll watercraft off and into the water. This makes launching watercraft much easier to do. It offers an easy drive-off and drive-on platform that makes water trips so much more enjoyable.

The Drive-on Jet Ski Dock is designed for both floating and fixed docks, and comes in an array of sizes and colors. With this latest docking platform, there’s no more effort to manually haul or crank the lift. Boats and other watercraft won’t need mooring as this dock has proper hull support to keep the boat in its normal position, ensuring stability even with waves and winds. Launching is even easier with the attachable bow stop.

Every one of these features makes this innovative system easy to use, even by the elderly and children. They can just drive-off and drive-on without anyone’s support.

The decking feature include an anti-skid flood texture to prevent falls when water is present on the surface. The simple structure of the new platform gives customers enough space to walk around and does not demand a lot of maintenance to ensure it stays clean.

Dock Blocks is well-known for its patented connecting system and high stability level of supplying floating docks and other floating docks parts and hardware. Dock Blocks’ representative Matt West said, “We have always been committed to providing the best customer support in the industry. Though the new addition to the docking system comes with features that make it maintenance-free, it still comes with a lifetime limited warranty."

Lake in the Clouds Vice President Mike Foran, a company that Dock Blocks has been patronizing, said, “The latest Drive-on Jet Ski platform is easy to install, seems to give long-lasting performance on account of the material used, ensures more stability, affords greater ease and comfort to users." He said it ensures people get the best visits; people who want to enjoy incursions in the waters with a safer, more enjoyable system for years to come at the Lake in the Clouds community.

Foran said, “Everything is working great. Everyone loves the New Drive-on Jet Ski Dock Blocks.”

For questions or to get more information on the Drive-on Jet Ski Dock, call 877-478-8440 or visit

Dock Blocks™ is headquartered in Charleston, SC., and can ship its docking equipment to many East Coast states like Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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We have always been committed to providing the best customer support in the industry.
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