Drivers New Year’s Resolution is to be hands free with cell phone car holders


Top New Year’s Resolution to be hands free with Do Good Have Fun™ Car Mount
25% off sale to celebrate being Hands Free in 2014
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Jan 08, 2014 /prREACH/ -- After record-breaking sales this holiday season, Do Good Have Fun™ car mount remains a best seller on “We have noticed an increase in sales due to increase use of GPS mobile apps in the car,” says founder Lee S. “However we are against texting and driving, so please be safe”.

With a fresh New Year just starting, it’s important that awareness is spread and that if people want to enjoy the extra features on their phone that they set up their music and destinations in advance.

The reviews are pouring in and people throwing out their single-function GPS devices in exchange for the Do Good Have Fun™ car mount. It’s smaller and easier and customers are using apps like waze and google maps to get to where they want to go and that last thing anyone wants to do is have to look down to fumble for their phone.

The best part about this product, is the commitment Do Good Have Fun™ has to their customers. They are always fast to reach out and make each person who has a cell phone car holder feel valued and insure that they have a great experience. Once customer in his 5 star review said “this company is the best company in the world” after receiving the VIP treatment Do Good Have Fun™ gives all their customers that reach out to them.

With easy mounting on the windshield or dashboard, this car mount fits most smart phone devices such as iPhone 5s, Samsung GS4, HTC One, Motorola Droid, Razr and Moto X, Blackberry Q Series, Garmin and TomTom GPS and Other Mobile Smart-Devices.

To celebrate the New Year with the resolution to Do MORE Good and Have More Fun, Do Good Have Fun™ has launched a coupon code of 25% off to celebrate for the next 3 days. The coupon code is PRREACH25

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