Dry Cracked Heels Foot Exfoliating Mask Feet Treatment Care Set Brand Soft Touch Discusses Foot Care Market

  • Date: Jul 02, 2021
  • Category: Beauty

Leading foot care brand Soft Touch shares the current trends in the foot care market. The brand’s dry, cracked heels foot exfoliating mask is a popular choice for repairing cracked heels, calluses and removing dead, dry skin.
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Hickory, NC, Jul 02, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Soft Touch, the brand responsible for the immensely popular dry cracked heels foot exfoliating mask, recently shared current trends in the foot care market. The brand’s foot exfoliating mask is formulated with natural ingredients to repair cracked heels and calluses while removing dead, dry skin.

Find more information about the dry heels treatment at https://www.amazon.com/Peppermint-Foot-Peel-Mask-Exfoliating/dp/B08JXH3G1N.

Trends in health and wellness have been soaring recently, with self-care a hot topic on everyone’s mind. And with feet bearing the burden of a busy day, people have started giving some extra attention to these often overlooked workhorses. As a result, customers have been excited to have found an easy-to-use treatment at home that effectively restores dry, cracked, and callused feet, revealing the natural soft skin beneath.

One consumer whose feet needed some pampering was happy to report, “My feet are horrible when it comes to calluses, especially my heels. I gave these a shot as it is so hard to get into a salon right now for a good pedicure. WOW. My heels are 500% better, and the rest of my feet are callus-free for the most part. The directions say if you have thick and tough calluses, to give these a shot again in two weeks, which I will do with the second set that was in the package. I wore socks over the boots when I had them on. To save on time, I just let our tub fill up when I showered and soaked them each day that way, no issues.”

As highlighted by MarketWatch, a trusted provider of financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data, the worldwide foot care products market continues to see a steady increase in the development rate for many years. It states, “There is an expanding necessity for foot upkeep products, which can keep up better style and cleanliness. Quick changing lifestyle and changing design have expanded the skin exposure of feet in this manner, prompting requirements for foot care products.”

The article adds, “Footcare products have increased greater prevalence among ladies because of expanding patterns of open-toe sandals and shoes.”

For those interested in learning more about Soft Touch and the benefits of its exfoliating foot mask, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront at https://www.amazon.com/Peppermint-Foot-Peel-Mask-Exfoliating/dp/B08JXH3G1N.


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