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Norm Farrar invites Tomer Rabinovich, Maayan Gordon and Steven Selikoff to join him on his “Lunch With Norm” podcast show to discuss e-commerce, brand awareness and selling online. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dec 18, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Podcast host Norman Farrar is bringing listeners of "Lunch With Norm" a line up of knowledgeable guests to cover a range of topics of interest to those already in the world of selling online as well as people wanting a further look into the ups and downs of pursuing a life in e-commerce. This week, Farrar has arranged in-depth talks with Tomer Rabinovich, Maayan Gordon and Steven Selikoff. "Lunch With Norm" airs every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Noon EST.

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Monday - Entrepreneur Tomer Rabinovich is set to discuss hiring and systems. Rabinovich has been in the Amazon business for the last five years. Although he began with no online sales background, he grew into a successful businessman thanks to his unique ability to break down complex tasks into simple ones. These days, he speaks at events worldwide and acts as a consultant to seven-and-eight-figure sellers with his unique mastermind coaching program.

Wednesday - Branding expert Maayan Gordon will join Farrar to chat about brand awareness and the process of creating value and relationships. Gordon is a TikTok influencer, with over 2 million followers. From being homeless to becoming a homeowner, Gordon has seen great personal success as a business owner, glass artist, famous TikTok influencer and consultant, podcast host, writer, speaker and world traveler.

Friday - Farrar invites online selling guru Steven Selikoff to talk about the truth of the retail industry. Selikoff sells his products online and in-store. His program, Product Development Academy, teaches his product development formula to would-be entrepreneurs. Selikoff has also authored a book called "The COMPLETE GUIDE to Product Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales," which can be found on Amazon.

Farrar created his podcast to arm the small business owner with the latest tools and advice from the experts making waves in the online space. With a work hard, play harder approach, Farrar's philosophy has always been to steer and direct his entrepreneurial footprint by owning each step of the development and procurement process.

As a nationally recognized speaker and thought leader, Farrar has championed various products and brands to generate over $1 million in sales monthly.

Those interested in learning more about Amazon, e-commerce, digital marketing and social media from Norman Farrar should visit the official "Lunch With Norm" website at https://lunchwithnorm.com/.


About Tomer Rabinovich

Tomer is a CEO at Top Dog Global, Amazon FBA Private Label Expert, Consultant for 7-8-figure Amazon sellers and an Entrepreneur.



About Maayan Gordon

Maayan is a Gas Explosion Survivor. From HOMELESS to Homeowner, Business Owner, TikTok Famous Influencer, Podcast Host and World Traveler.

https://MaayanGordonMedia.com | [email protected]


About Steven Selikoff

Steven is a Serial Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Author of the book, "The COMPLETE GUIDE to Product Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales."

http://www.steveselikoff.com/ | https://Productdevelopmentacademy.com | https://www.facebook.com/groups/productdevelopmentacademy | https://www.instagram.com/product_development_academy/ | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjK7I3o2_37FVbp3POUq9ow


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