Earned Media Expands Awareness to Scale Online Business, Says Company


Public relations company prREACH, is offering online businesses a new earned media service. Earned media is a powerful way for brands to expand awareness and scale business through increased reputation, authority and perception. Continue reading


Vaughan, ON, Mar 19, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Prominent public relations company prREACH is happy to announce its new earned media service is now available to online sellers looking for new ways to scale their business through increased brand reputation, authority, and perception. Whether it’s for an Amazon business looking to expand marketplaces, an e-commerce brand looking to gain more traffic, or a startup looking to establish product-market fit, the marketing specialists at prREACH have all the tools needed to engage target audiences and deliver results.

Learn more about earned media strategy by visiting https://prmedia.prreach.com/.

Earned media is a simple concept with a huge impact. It is described as publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising. Earned media related to a company or brand is organic — it is not directly generated by the company or its agents but by other entities, such as customers, journalists or editorial influence.

Online examples of earned media are:

  • Digital media outlets such as professional blogs;
  • WOM (word of mouth marketing) referrals;
  • Posts in online communities or social networks;
  • Online rating and review sites.

There are also many forms of offline earned media, including:

  • News media coverage;
  • In-person WOM;
  • Ratings and reviews in traditional media outlets;
  • Consumer product demonstrations.

Gained authority and expanded exposure are key benefits to earned media. The company advises that as earned media is accumulated, brands report

  • Higher prices from increased perceived value;
  • Easy expansion into other platforms;
  • Growing customer base;
  • Effective sales funnels;
  • New product launches are more successful;
  • Consistent inbound traffic and leads;
  • High-quality backlinks and domain authority for SEO;
  • Increased relevancy.

“Because of the organic nature of earned media, the fierce market competition, and billions of competing posts, it can be challenging for brands to accumulate earned media on their own,” says the senior spokesperson for the company. “Our team of experts helps our customers reach their business goals by building strategic opportunities to deliver top media coverage that drives consumer engagement and bottom-line results.”

The company outlines the services provided with its earned media strategic plan:

  • Brand Strategy. Uncover a brand’s business goals, mission, vision, and values to build a customized brand strategy through one-on-one interaction.
  • Content Creation. Generate professionally written Company Bios, Corporate Fact Sheets, and all the outreach material used to promote the brand.
  • Media Outreach. Research and generate a personalized media list that includes trade publications and key media outlets for the media outreach efforts.
  • Extensive Reporting. Extremely detailed interactive campaign reports that give an overview of all prREACH efforts for the month.

For those interested in additional information about prREACH or to view earned media examples, please visit the company’s official website.


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