Eczema Cream Benefits for Allergy Sufferers Highlighted by Growing Company


Mori of Norway, a brand dedicated to delivering natural skincare products for babies, is now offering its AllergyCertified cream via Amazon. The babycare products from the company pose minimal risk of skin allergy. Continue reading


Nov 07, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Mori of Norway recently introduced its organic nappy cream and baby oil on the UK and European market via Amazon. The company's organic baby nappy cream is an eco-friendly product and contains a combination of organic aloe vera, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and rapeseed oil. This high-quality cream for eczema is now available on Amazon UK for £12.00.

Known for its stringent manufacturing standards, Mori states that its products are AllergyCertified and can be used safely for toddlers. To avoid using allergenic ingredients on children's skin, whether it's a baby cream for eczema, eczema cream adults or other, the brand says customers can choose products that carry the AllergyCertified label, as this label indicates a minimal risk of developing skin allergy due to usage.

"We are very proud to carry the AllergyCertified label on our brand's baby skincare products. There are so many suffering from skin allergies today, and by choosing products that carry the AllergyCertified label you avoid using known allergenic ingredients on your skin", said Sissel Skjerdal, the spokesperson from Mori of Norway.

AllergyCertified is an international certification organization founded in Denmark in 2015. This certification is provided to products after a thorough examination and risk assessment of every single ingredient present. To receive this certification for a product, the manufacturer must furnish detailed information about every ingredient, the concentration of the ingredients, and the name of the ingredients written in the international chemists' language (INCI). AllergyCertified has already certified more than 700 products sold across more than 100 countries all over the world.

Mori of Norway advises that its products also carry the COSMOS organic label and Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The company suggests that customers should take these points into account when choosing skincare products. By doing so, buyers can opt for environmentally sustainable products with a minimum impact on the planet's natural resources.

"Even though this is a babycare product, we know that also many adults use our products for different skin conditions. We've received many feedbacks regarding the use of the products and you can find some of them by reading the reviews on our Amazon listing", continues Skjerdal.

Those interested in learning more about Mori of Norway and its range of skincare products should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.



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Mori of Norway is a natural skincare brand. The products range from newborn and up. Mori of Norway is being distributed to most countries in Europe.
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