Educational Spiritual Consultant Helps Women Achieve Spiritual Awakening


Acclaimed educational spiritual consultant Shelby Carino is helping women achieve spiritual awakening through a series of educational courses. The processes she teaches have helped many women overcome detachment and anxiety. Continue reading


Dallas, Texas, Jun 11, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Shelby Carino is already making a positive difference for many women by helping them unlock their inner spirit and energy to help them move forward in life. A renowned educational spiritual consultant, Shelby strongly believes that the Earth is moving into a fifth-dimensional frequency that she thinks has led to a global activation occurring on the planet. Through her series of courses, she helps awaken the spiritual energies in women and integrate them.

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According to Carino, the human race is currently moving through a fourth dimension frequency, which is creating 'The Great Awakening.' She says, "This awakening is activating the energy system of every individual on the planet. As a result, each human is being moved into a corner to spiritually ascend their vibrational field." Carino believes that women are the primary target because they help men and children ascend. This is why women need to start engaging in awakening these spiritual energies.

"Many women are already experiencing depression and anxiety that can come with the awakening. This can lead to mental instability, drug addiction, emotional abuse and energy stagnation. It is imperative to unlock the key to the information to begin going through the ascension symptoms instead of drowning in the side effects of the energy swirling and not moving due to lack of knowledge in the ascension process," Carino explains.

Carino offers numerous online courses, including the Carino Celebrity movement. This course functions as the baseline foundation to get the energy of the attendees in alignment. She is also the founder of  "Join the Movement," a community group for individuals seeking to specifically increase their frequencies into the fifth dimension through the activation courses she teaches. Those looking for spiritual swag may also visit Carino's online spiritual shopping platform, CarinoSwag.

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A recent student of Carino's courses has been very happy with her experience, saying, "I cannot say enough of how much she helped me! I did not know what was going on with me and how to open my 'gifts'..... I had gone through a divorce in 2014 and could not truly figure things out, but knew I needed something. In April 2017, when I found her, I found a teacher and a friend. She has taken me through a spiritual journey and been right there the entire time."

More about Shelby Carino and her Adult Education School can be found on her official website and Facebook Fan Page.


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