Elizabeth Stanton Is Special Guest Host for Hollywood Christmas Parade


Actress and television host Elizabeth Stanton will be the special celebrity guest host at the Hollywood Christmas Parade on December 1. Organized in partnership with Toys for Tots, the event supports underprivileged children. Continue reading

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Dec 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Renowned actress and television host, Elizabeth Stanton, is thrilled to take part in the Hollywood Christmas Parade as the special celebrity guest host. During the event, Stanton will work closely with Toys for Tots to spread awareness about giving back to those in need around the holidays. This year, the parade takes place on December 1 on the famed Hollywood Boulevard and will be aired on the CW Network on December 13 from 8 to 10 p.m.

Taking part in charitable work is nothing new for Stanton. Over the years, she has been deeply engaged in similar initiatives around the world. She spent her 16th birthday raising funds for the Marine Toys for Tots program and has been an active volunteer since then.

Over the last 10 years, the Hollywood Christmas Parade has partnered with Toys for Tots to give back and support underprivileged children. In addition to Toys for Tots, many other national-level charities will be directly involved in the seasonal event.

Organized with the help of the United States Marine Corps, Toys for Tots is a charitable non-profit dedicated to providing toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children. Its Marine Toys for Tots Program works toward collecting new, unwrapped toys and distributing them to less fortunate children during the holidays. The primary goal of this program is to help spread the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America's impoverished children.

"It has been very rewarding to see so many families being helped every year," says Stanton, "the Parade has been a great inspiration for me and everyone watching because it is all about giving back and helping those in need during the holiday season. Not only is Toys for Tots involved, but there are so many other national charities that get to talk about the great things they do and are able to inspire others to help."

Anyone interested in contributing toward this great cause is encouraged to visit the Toys for Tots' official website.



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