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    Enviropure Reduces Allergy Attacks for Acute Sufferer

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    Testimonials from satisfied customers are the best way for others to know if a product really works. Enviropure was contacted by a doctor whose wife was suffering from allergy attacks. His testimonial shows how effective Enviropure is at removing allergens from homes.

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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—The indoor air quality of most homes is dangerous for acute allergy sufferers. Most homes are full of contaminants that can trigger serious allergy attacks in those who are sensitive. However, Enviropure, located at www.enviropurehome.com cleaning methods attack allergy problems at their source and clean homes thoroughly, as a recent testimonial shows. Enviropure received a referral from a competitor to clean the home of a local doctor. His wife had been suffering with serious allergy attacks apparently caused by the bedding in her room. The situation required her to sleep on the living room couch in order to get any rest at night. Upon examination, Enviropure noticed that the ventilation in the bedroom was very poor and that the mattress needed to be cleaned and sanitized with the UVC light. Enviropure also recommended using the HEPA 500 air scrubbers to remove airborne particulates after the cleaning, as well as having the air ducts pressure washed using a natural botanical disinfectant, Benefect. After having Enviropure perform this recommended deep cleaning, the client was able to return to her bedroom and enjoy a good night’s sleep. By providing top Ottawa cleaning services, Enviropure was able to help the doctor’s wife enjoy her own home once again. The client then wrote a recommendation that read, in part: “I was able to have everything lined up in one day, on a weekend I might add . . . and the job far exceeded my expected end result. I would recommend Enviropure . . . to anyone looking for great service.” Enviropure is proud to serve the people of Ottawa, like this customer, with cleaning services to prevent or reduce allergy attacks and to leave the environment clean, fresh, sanitized and deodorized. About Enviropure: Enviropure is a company dedicated to providing top cleaning service for Ottawa and surrounding areas including carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning and sanitizing, tile and grout cleaning, commercial cleaning and equipment rental. The experts at Enviropure can provide a clean, fresh environment free of allergens and contaminants for any Ottawa home or business. For More Information: www.enviropurehome.com

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