Epic Spy Novel Re-released for Xmas 2020


Epic spy novel based on the life and works of an MI6 and CIA agent during the 1970s has been re-released for Xmas 2020. Continue reading


Wallington, Surrey, Dec 18, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Those interested in "all things espionage" may have missed one relatively unpublicized but highly acclaimed spy novel: Bill Fairclough's "Beyond Enkription" (intentionally misspelled). It is the first of six fact-based espionage novels forming The Burlington Files series.

The first novel is based on the maverick life of Bill Fairclough, aka Edward Burlington, in 1974 while working unwittingly for MI6 in London and when later working more wilfully for the CIA in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Literary critics and book reviewers have commended "Beyond Enkription" in their mainly five-star critiques:

"A huge breath of fresh air for its genre; a must for connoisseurs; a genuine page-turner that just can't be put down; riveting yet educational; astonishing attention to detail; refreshingly original; a compelling, provocative and beguiling read, full of subterfuge and intrigue."

"Just the stuff memorable films are made of; it has the feel about it of 'Get Carter' or 'The Long Good Friday.'"

"If the author were a conductor in the Albert Hall, thousands would have driven there and queued all day to see a performance as profound as 'Beyond Enkription.'"

"Packed with such intense, believable action, even John le Carré's, 'Smiley,' couldn't have nodded off reading it."

"If Ian Fleming had written this, Bond would have begged to have been born a Burlington."

"Beyond Enkription" is now available in hardcover and paperback at most leading bookshops worldwide or via all Amazon websites as an e-book, paperback and/or hardback.

Given the enigmatic nature of The Burlington Files series, it is well worth exploring the extraordinary background to the series by delving into the relevant news articles on The Burlington Files website before or when reading "Beyond Enkription." Also on that website is a long version of Bill Fairclough's biography; other biographies exist on the web, such as the one found on Everipedia, which is easier to navigate.

For a synopsis, please see the Series page on The Burlington Files website at https://theburlingtonfiles.org.



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