Essential Flora-7 Improves Digestion While Promoting Regular Bowel Movements

  • Date: Jul 08, 2014
  • Category: Health

Essential Flora-7 promotes pain-free digestion and clockwork elimination and fights off yeast infections throughout the body. It Provides 7 beneficial strains, 6 billion CFUs, and time-released delivery for all day relief. Continue reading

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Jul 08, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Among the most important nutritional developments of recent years has been the realization that the body needs more probiotics (or good bacteria) for optimal digestive health, reports health supplements provider Marine Essentials. The company’s probiotic formula, Essential Flora 7, has been designed for men and women and provides 6 billion CFU's of healthy bacteria to protect the G.I. tract. Industry observers say the product is a leading edge formulation due to its patented extended release delivery system for releasing the bacteria to the upper and lower intestines over the course of the day.

Probiotic products are becoming more widely understood to be needed to offset the bad bacteria fostering effects of processed foods and other low nutrient-based aspects of the modern diet. Yale University gastroenterologist Martin Floch asserts that "many different potentially useful probiotic organisms exist, including both bacteria and yeast. Their effects are very specific. Certain strains appear to be helpful only for certain conditions." Marine Essentials advises Essential Flora 7 restores the useful organisms and their positive uses, such as fighting yeast infections, combating bloating or gas problems, remedying irregularity, and other issues.

The Chicago-based firm is currently promoting the formula on its Amazon and pages to make the consumer public more aware of its indigestion curing, and infection fighting features. Additional benefits of taking probiotics include better absorption of nutrients, enhanced manufacturing the hormones, as well as improving anti-inflammatory functions throughout the body. While there are many different types of bacteria that could be included within Essential Flora 7, it uses the most well studied strains that are known to benefit overall digestive health while fighting intestinal disorders. Many consumers also report more energy, and better bowel movements after consistent use.

Marine Essentials expects as a larger sample of testimonials, and, greater understanding and positive reception of probiotics as an essential supplement will emerge among health-conscious consumers. They also predict the product will increase in popularity as users report the amount of live culture available within the pills is more consistently active than in competing products (low levels of active probiotics found in commercial formulas have been a frequent complaint about products of this type). The company invites customers to interact with them about this and other supplements, through feedback and testimonials on its Amazon page, or live chat with their staff on their webpage.

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