Face Wash for Oily Skin Sees an Increase in Amazon Sales, Says Brand


Quality skincare brand, SeboCalm, has reported an increase in sales on Amazon for its face wash for oily skin. The product is effective for people with sensitive skin as well.
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30 Hatahcya ST, Jan 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- SeboCalm, a producer of quality skin care products, reports an increase in sales on Amazon to date for its face wash for oily skin. The company offers many solutions to address the variety of skin concerns customers experience daily. Chief pharmacist and senior spokesperson, Dr. Herman Weiss, said, "We aim to provide a facial cleanser that deep cleans without leaving the skin feeling dry or irritated."

Amazon customers have been pleased with the results they have experienced using SeboCalm's face wash, the brand says. An Amazon Top 50 reviewer left this detailed description after trying the product, "This facial cleansing soap for sensitive skin is a clear, low-lathering thin gel. This is the first step in a skin care program, usually followed by a toner, and then a moisturizer. The tube has a flip-top cap and not much of the gel is needed. After use, my skin feels clean but not stripped of moisture so the face does not feel dry or tight. The formula includes no parabens or SLS. The fragrance is light and herbal, not floral or perfumed so it is suitable for all family members. Cruelty-free. Excellent cleanser."

"Our moisturizing face wash can effectively remove dirt and reduce the appearance of blemishes, redness, dry or itchy skin without irritation. The lightweight formula is a daily repair face wash for intense skin health and balance," Dr. Weiss said. "It is non-oily, does not contain sulfates or parabens and is alcohol-free. It is suitable for men and women of all ages with dry, oily or combination skin."

More information on face wash for sensitive skin by SeboCalm can be found on the company's Amazon storefront.


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SeboCalm is the brainchild of the pharmacists, Amnon Bechar and Herman Weiss, Israel's first developers of dermo-cosmetics that fill the gap between cosmetics and medication. SeboCalm's products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
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