Face Waxing Kit for Women Brand Discusses Benefits: Sugaring vs. Traditional Wax

  • Date: Jul 08, 2020
  • Category: Beauty

MOOM recently discussed the benefits of using its face waxing kit over traditional waxing and other hair removal methods. The brand’s all-natural formula includes green tea and avocado oil that enhances healthy skin without requiring after-treatment lotions. Continue reading

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Irwindale, CA, Jul 08, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Natural hair removal brand, MOOM, has extensively researched and carefully chosen real ingredients for its face waxing kit for women to create clean formulas that pamper while delivering smooth, glowing skin. The company recently discussed the benefits of sugaring over traditional hot wax and other hair removal methods, such as razor shaving and chemical depilatories.

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Sugaring is an ancient technique that comes with many benefits. A senior spokesperson for the company enumerated the following benefits:

  • 100% natural, organic ingredients that are environmentally sustainable
  • Sugar wax adheres to coarse as well as fine hairs and does not adhere to the skin like traditional hot wax
  • Pain-free
  • Minimized risk of ingrown hairs common with razor shaving
  • Sugar wax is used at body temperature with no risk of hot wax burns
  • The chemical-free formula reduces possible skin reactions and irritation
  • Removes hair from the root, leaving skin smooth for up to eight weeks
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin and delicate skin such as on the face and around the eyes
  • Sugar wax is water-soluble for quick and easy clean up with no residue
  • Reusable polycotton waxing strips and wooden applicators are more environmentally and landfill friendly
  • Can be easily done at home removing the need to seek out expensive professionals
  • Sugaring is effective at removing even short hairs
  • Continual sugar waxing does not promote coarse hair growth but instead results in less hair growth over time
  • Sugar waxing leaves behind silky, smooth skin without the need for after-treatment lotions

The brand notes its sugar waxing kit for women is formulated with an organic mix of sugar, green tea, agar-agar, lemon juice and avocado oil that is specially designed for the body's most delicate skin. Each lip, face and eyebrow set come with 3 ounces organic hair remover, 18 washable and reusable fabric strips, six applicators and an easy to follow instructional booklet.

For those interested in more information about MOOM and its complete line of body care products, visit the official company website or Amazon storefront.


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