Felt Letter Board Set Popular With Teachers & Parents Re-Launches


FELTNOOK, the brand behind a popular felt letter board set on Amazon, is pleased to announce its official re-launch for parents and teachers seeking alternative creative designs both in households and classrooms.

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Spokane, Washington, Jul 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- FELTNOOK, the brand behind the first multi-sized letter board set online, is pleased to announce the official re-launch of its popular felt letter board set on the Amazon Marketplace.

Known for its contributions to children’s literacy programs and classrooms all across the US & Canada, FELTNOOK’s felt letter board sets have been a hit with both parents and teachers in recent years. The brand’s mission of using the versatile, traditionally home decor pieces as educational tools has resonated with many.

“We know what it’s like to try to make creativity expand beyond the home and into other areas, such as classrooms,” states a senior spokesperson for the company. “We didn’t want letter boards confined to the home--so we started thinking about ways they could be incorporated into schools. We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and hundreds of kids across the country have been able to use our message boards to create, imagine, and spread positivity in their learning environments.”

Letter boards by FELTNOOK are entirely handcrafted from oak wood and felt instead of plastic, and each set contains a standard 10 by 10 inch board with the brand’s very popular mini letter board. The company says its message set is the original combination product, featuring the mini board, on Amazon. The letter sets include letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis to help craft creative messages on the boards, and can be displayed on walls, desks and shelves.

With over 200 reviews, FELTNOOK's letterboards have a 5 star rating on Amazon.com. One customer wrote in her review:

"I ordered this set of letterboards and they exceeded expectations. I have a larger board from a high end company that I love, but it was not in the budget to order from them this time. When these arrived I was surprised at the beautiful solid framing and amazing packaging. All felt as nice as the more expensive one I had ordered before."

FELTNOOK will be having coupons available to use on its letter board sets on Amazon. Those interested in learning more about the felt boards and designing letter board quotes can visit FELTNOOK’s Amazon storefront.

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