Financial Astrologer Makes Predictions for Fitbit and Rent the Runway


2015 marks the Chinese year of the Sheep (also called Goat or Ram). Financial Astrologer, Donna Stellhorn, writes in her latest book predictions for the upcoming year including insights into personal, business and global finances. Continue reading

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Dec 03, 2014 /prREACH/ -- In a recent interview Stellhorn said, “During Sheep years people really focus on their health, and at the samt time, they really want to enjoy luxury items. With so many companies like Fitbit, whose products are designed to track health, now offering their devices made into beautiful jewelry we 're going to see them everywhere and on everyone.” This could leave companies like Jawbone, with it's very utilitarian design, in the dust.

Stellhorn predicts that companies like Rent the Runway, with it's business model of renting designer gowns for as little as $30, will explode in popularity. She says that the 2015 Sheep year will inspire people to bring luxury into their daily lives like they never have before. Owing to this, Stellhorn anticipates that in 2015 Rent the Runway's new program of unlimited rentals for one low monthly price will be hugely successful.

In this, her 10th book, 2015 Chinese Astrology Year of the Wood Sheep, Stellhorn talks about how people will covet the latest gadgets, new comfortable furniture and newer vehicles. She goes on to say that many people will start side businesses in 2015 because the desire for high-priced, luxury items is so strong.

Chinese Astrology assigns a different animal sign and element to each year, 12 animals and five elements give 60 unique energies. 2015 will be a Wood Sheep year. Traditionally this means a desire to upgrade everything to something better – think of a Sheep in search of a greener field and a safe and comfortable setting. This can mean more real estate investing as people start flipping houses again; as well many will focus on renovating and upgrading their current homes.

“People will be looking for things they feel will bring contentment and satisfaction.” Stellhorn predicts that even people on a budget will find the money to upgrade the gadgets and devices they've come to rely on.

Donna Stellhorn has been a consulting Astrologer for more than 25 years. She has lectured and been interview in such diverse venues as the Build Boston Architectural Conference and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. She's the author of books on Astrology, Feng Shui and Space Clearing, all published by ETC Publishing, Carlsbad, California and all available on Amazon. Donna Stellhorn is available for interview, classes and private consultations.

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Donna Stellhorn

“People will be torn in 2015 between the idea they should save money and an overwhelming desire to upgrade to the best in goods and services. In Sheep years people love to indulge on anything that brings comfort and ease into their lives.”
- Donna Stellhorn
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