Financial Organizing Masterclass: Save Money Every Month, Says Brand


Organized & Energized is offering a two-part online Financial Organizing Masterclass that demonstrates how to save money every month by simply getting organized. Continue reading

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San Diego, CA, May 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Organized & Energized founder, Kathi Burns, is using her expertise as a board-certified organizer to help clients discover ways to do less with more time. Doing so saves them hours and can even make them more money every month. Burns is offering a Financial Organizing Masterclass, a two-part online course that shows viewers how to save money every month by getting organized.

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"Chaos in your money management can eat up to 15 -20% of your budget. Lack of organization can not only harm your finances, but it can also affect your health. And poor health or disease is much more serious than simply being short on cash," says Burns.

The two-part Masterclass teaches the following:

  • How to eliminate lost or missing bills and avoid the financial insecurity and guilt of not knowing where the money went
  • Clear up the numerous paper piles, helping free the mind
  • How to stop losing money and sleepover late fees
  • Two simple ways to stop overspending
  • A straightforward system to be able to find important papers when needed
  • How to become debt-free up to five times faster
  • A straightforward method that makes accumulating money effortless
  • Where to find money NOW, for upcoming special occasions or anytime.

The webinar emphasizes the dangers of being disorganized and how to stop money slowly leaking out of one's life. Burns explains, "I hope that you begin to see change in a different light, start to make intentional changes to your life, and in doing so, your bank accounts will begin to build."

Burns adds, "Even if you can only implement one of the methods I will demonstrate, you will have more time for fun with family and friends, better sleep at night, less stress over things not done in your life, a better ability to deal with money and easy ways to get ahead and spend less money."

Those wanting to learn more about the Financial Organizing Masterclass should visit the official company website.


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