Flameless Floating Tealight Flowers Valentine’s Day DIY By Frux Home and Yard.

  • Date: Feb 11, 2017
  • Category: Art

In light of Valentine’s Day Frux Home and Yard is offering a special discount along with a unique DIY for buyers to do at home using their product. Continue reading

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Feb 11, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and Frux Home and Yard wanted to do something special for their customers, by posting a floating flower DIY tea light craft that their buyers can do using their Tea Lights.

Using the LED Flameless Tea Lights, plastic bowls, glue gun, scissors, clear plastic spoons and fake flowers, Frux Home and Yard walks you through the steps to create beautiful illuminating flowers. This easy to do craft is the perfect addition to creating a special night.

With no worry of flame or chemicals from ordinary flame-candles, these flowers can safely be left on in any room. Allow the flowers to float in the bathtub for a relaxing environment, use them as a unique centerpiece, place the candles around the patio for a fairy-tale setting, or in the bedroom for a charming atmosphere.

The do it yourself craft allows customers to create beautiful rose tea lights that can also float. If customers would like to take part in the craft, they can also receive a discount on Frux Home and Yard’s 24 Tea Lights with Wraps, the same ones used in the project. From February 7th to February 9th buyers can purchase Frux Home and Yards most romantic lights, their Tea Lights with Wraps for 50% off. The coupon is found in the article and is available to anyone.

Unlike standard Tealights, these Tea Lights feature elegant wraps that come in three colors, slate black, pearlescent blush, and ivory. The wraps come in three laser-cut designs that make them perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere for romance.

The Tea Lights come in a package of 24 and can be controlled using the on/off switch at the bottom. Not only are the Tea Lights a safe alternative to candles with flames but the lithium batteries last over 80 hours for continued romance.

Frux Home and Yard wants buyers to enjoy all the benefits that their products offer which is why they are sharing this fun DIY and providing customers with a half off coupon. If buyers would like to purchase Frux Home and Yards products they can visit amazon.com and receive free shipping on all orders over $49.00.

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