Foldable Laptop Stand Desk for Flexible Digital Nomads Launches


Enjio has recently announced the launch of its maiden product, a foldable laptop stand desk. The company is dedicated to designing innovative products that make remote working fun, comfortable and productive. Continue reading


London, England, Mar 03, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Enjio, a designer of workplace solutions created to help work-life-conscious individuals make the most of each working hour, has announced the formal launch of its flagship product, a foldable laptop stand desk. This innovatively designed laptop stand promises to make remote working easier and more productive, regardless of the workers' location.

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2020 has brought about several lifestyle changes likely to dominate people's lives even after the pandemic. Though the concept of remote work has always been there, it became a mainstream corporate practice in 2020. Although some workers will be returning to their workplace, there is no doubt that remote working is here to stay. The Economic Times mentions that there has been a 49% rise in the volume of the digital workforce in 2020. Also, according to Stanford Business, remote workers are 13% more productive compared to in-office employees.

Although flexible remote work has many benefits, its requirements can become onerous for some workers. For instance, working from anywhere limits workers' carry-space, which can easily disturb their focus. Better storage and organization to help them declutter and distress is a must. Smart storage makes it easier for workers to pack-down, declutter and store away after a hard day's work. The Enjio adjustable standing laptop desk was designed to address the needs of remote workers.

Some of the top benefits of Enjio's state-of-the-art remote working solutions include

  • Portable sit-stand solution that keeps workers in the zone for longer.
  • Makes it easier for remote workers to stay focused and avoid fatigue
  • Helps workers stay in control of their workspace
  • Keeps every essential working tool light, mobile, and flexible.
  • Smart solution for easy storage and organization.

As a workspace solutions designer, Enjio's vision for the future is to help individuals perform more of what they do best. As the work landscape shifts towards a higher demand for creativity, flexibility, thoughtfulness and passion, the company envisions a future where people are free to pursue the work that matters to them in whatever style suits them best.

"Life's too short to grind without joy. We believe in drive, passion and enjoyment throughout your productive hours; whatever personal style you bring to your work and your pursuits — we want to build the tools that let you do your thing without compromise," said Enjio founder Andres Gutierrez. "We're on a mission to build a tribe, a lifestyle and a hub for all those already embracing the new ways of work and to welcome those who are just dipping in their toes."

To find out more about Enjio and its laptop stand adjustable, please visit the company's official website.


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