Foldable Laptop Stand Table Riser for Bed Creates Remote Work Space, Brand Advises


Enjio has designed a foldable laptop stand riser to create remote workspaces in unconventional places. The product is ideal for those who have a limited space to work in, and it provides an easy way to break workplace monotony. Continue reading


London, England, Mar 02, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Enjio, a London-based startup, is designing a range of innovative products to overcome the challenges faced by freelancers and digital nomads. The company's foldable laptop stand riser helps to create a remote workspace for those with limited room. Remote workers can also use the laptop riser to break from the monotony of their home office space.

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Working in a new space, even for only a few hours a week, is important for disrupting workplace monotony. This disruption allows remote workers to try something new, stimulating clarity and boosting creativity. "Harboring creativity will be essential for maintaining the edge in the future job market and in business," explains Andres Gutierrez, CEO and founder of Enjio.

For easy ways to change up the scenery, the company suggests the following tips:

  • Work in a new place occasionally. Having a dedicated, ergonomic workspace is good, but it can become boring after a while. Spice things up by working in a new café or coworking space once or twice a week.
  • Work in a green area. Spending time in nature boosts mood and mental health. If a green area is not accessible, bring nature in by sitting near a window. Alternatively, put potted plants around the workspace, or switch the desktop wallpaper to a beautiful scenic photo.
  • Include new activities into a daily routine. Simply doing a new workout, wearing a new outfit, cooking new recipes or standing while working can bring more variety and fun into the workday.
  • Get a work-from-home buddy. This is a peer who keeps a remote worker accountable, shares ideas and helps keep up focus and motivation.
  • Make old habits difficult. Try taking a good look at the work environment to notice the external cues that trigger unhealthy habits. Then, remove those cues, or make it difficult to see those cues by changing the workspace location from time to time.

When traveling, working in nature or going to a café isn't an option, the company's laptop stand riser also gives remote workers flexibility. Users can easily work from a different room in the home while remaining comfortable using their laptops.

"Our vision for the future of work sees humans doing more of what they do best, not less," Gutierrez continues. "As the landscape of work continues to shift, we see a future where people are freed up to pursue the work that matters to them, in whatever style suits them best."

Those interested in learning more about Enjio's products for remote work should visit the official company website.


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