Follow-Up Walnut Creek, CA Hearing Test Recommended Post National Hearing Test

  • Date: May 29, 2014
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Initial functional hearing tests are now available by telephone from the National Hearing Test at The hearing specialists at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center are available to help participants who score outside of the normal range and need an in-person, comprehensive hearing test. Continue reading

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May 29, 2014 /prREACH/ -- As an initial step in detecting hearing loss, the National Hearing Test  is an excellent option. Established with National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding, it offers a telephone-based Hearing Assessment to screen for functional hearing loss. Having said that, the test is not a replacement for a complete hearing assessment in the office of a hearing specialist. When test takers receive a score outside the normal range or have questions specific to their condition, they'll need the expertise of a local provider. The hearing specialists at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center Walnut Creek CA are available to conduct more comprehensive hearing testing and furnish personalized advice to residents of Walnut Creek, CA and surrounding areas who want local assistance after completing the National Hearing Test.

The National Hearing Test launched in May 2014 and is being offered free for the rest of May which happens to be Better Speech and Hearing Month. From then on, the test will cost $8. Since it is phone-based, the test was created as a speech in noise test. It is best regarded as a screening for functional hearing - the ability to hear in daily situations. Each ear is screened separately and receives its own score of Normal, Slightly Below Normal or Poor. After concluding the screening, participants are prompted to consult a local hearing specialists as the next step. The 'After the Test' page on the National Hearing Test website says, "If your results from the National Hearing Test were “marginal or below normal,” you should make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation by a certified hearing professional. Even if your results are in the “normal” range but you still have concerns about your hearing, we encourage you to seek a complete hearing evaluation as well.”

Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is available for comprehensive hearing testing for residents of Walnut Creek and adjacent communities. They are pleased to answer the follow-up questions from anybody who participated in the National Hearing Test and to arrange for a more complete hearing assessment. The hearing specialists are thrilled about the publicity that the National Hearing Test is generating for hearing impairment in the United States and encourage anyone who suspects a hearing problem to take the telephone-based test (especially during the free testing period). As participation in the screening test increases, the need for local hearing specialists to give case-specific advice and treatment plans will also increase. The hearing care staff at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is excited about positioning their practice as a core provider of hearing testing and hearing loss treatment in Walnut Creek.

The National Hearing Test is a wonderful screening resource and the hearing care staff at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center hopes that many people will make use of it; however, its not the right starting point for every individual. It requires the manual dexterity to enter many sequences of numbers into the telephone number pad and a phone with a wall-mounted jack (not a cellphone) to get reliable results. For any person who already suspects hearing loss or may have difficulty completing the screening test, the hearing specialists at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center recommend calling to schedule an in-person hearing test.

About Toby Hill, BC-HIS Toby Hill is the owner of Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center and is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Before opening his own practice, Toby was a partner in another hearing aid practice and worked in hearing aid manufacturing. He entered the hearing aid manufacturing industry after 10 years in computer technology, applying what he learned to the delicate electronics and sophisticated programs of modern digital hearing aids. After becoming a hearing aid technology expert, Toby left manufacturing to work directly with patients. He greatly enjoys patient care and helping his patients hear better.

About Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center takes a consultative approach to hearing health care with an emphasis on patient education. In addition to providing hearing tests and fitting hearing aids in Walnut Creek CA, the staff provides support, counseling, advice and rehabilitation. Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is concerned about the patient as a person and will match their amplification needs, lifestyle, and budget with the hearing instrument best suited for them. The goal at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is to provide patients the best possible, individualized hearing care. Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center has offices in downtown Walnut Creek and in Brentwood CA.

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