Food4Patriots Donates Emergency Food to Winter Storm Victims


In order to help victims of the numerous snowstorms and blizzards that have been hitting the Northeast this winter, Food4Patriots has donated a three-month emergency food kit to the Worcester Food Bank.

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Feb 25, 2015 /prREACH/ -- The northeastern portion of the United States has been getting pummeled with large amounts of snow this winter, knocking out power, stranding motorists and leaving some people temporarily without food.

Particularly hard hit has been the state of Massachusetts. Food4Patriots, the supplier of emergency food suitable for long-term storage, survival and emergency preparedness, recently sent a three-month supply of its emergency food to the Worcester Food Bank in Worcester, Mass., for dispersal to victims of the storms. The donation was received at the food bank’s warehouse on Feb. 13.

“Our hearts go out to victims of these seemingly endless snowstorms and blizzards striking the Northeast this winter,” said Allen Baler, Partner at 4Patriots LLC. “We spend a lot of our time and effort convincing people to prepare for disasters, so the least we can do is help out when Mother Nature unleashes her fury."

Baler continues, “We encourage everyone who is able to donate to food banks across the country, such as the Worcester Food Bank, to do so in order to help people in need. We also encourage people to stock up on emergency food so they can help themselves if they’re ever victims of extreme weather that could result in store shelves being emptied quickly.”

Food4Patriots’ 72-hour, four-week, three-month and one-year emergency food kits have shelf lives of up to 25 years. The food in these kits can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and requires only boiling water. It’s kept in easy-to-store Mylar pouches, which keep out air, moisture and light.

Other 4Patriots products include:

Water4Patriots, featuring the LifeStraw personal water filter, designed to provide the user with safe, clean drinking water in any situation.

Power4Patriots, a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals (printed and electronic) showing how to build solar panels, a wind turbine, a solar water heater and a solar air heater.

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots, a seed vault containing approximately 5,640 survival seeds from 21 varieties of heirloom, non-genetically modified seeds, rated for five-plus years of storage.

Patriot Power Generator, a portable solar generator designed to provide electricity for important devices and equipment during a power outage or disaster situation.

Patriot Power Greens, containing 38 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains and seven digestive enzymes in each serving. This nutritious beverage is designed to aid the chronic inflammation causing many health problems.

EMP Bag, a lightweight, easy-to-carry, military-grade bag crafted from a double shielding, hand-woven, copper mesh inner core and an outer layer of high density, waterproof, ballistic nylon. It’s designed to block frequencies caused by an EMP.

4Patriots’ full-color, 16-page monthly newsletter titled the Patriot Alliance Messenger and the company’s blog ( provide readers with information on essential subjects including privacy, solar/wind power, survival seeds, home and self-defense, healthcare and much more, so that they can become more self-reliant and independent from government and big business.

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"We spend a lot of our time and effort convincing people to prepare for disasters, so the least we can do is help out when Mother Nature unleashes her fury."
- Allen Baler, 4Patriots Partner
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