Ford Dealer Closes Deals on 6 Cars in 3 Days Using Mojo Global’s Predictable Lead Generation


During a 3-day sales campaign a Ford Dealership netted $10,878 in new car sales as a direct result of adopting Mojo Global’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Predictable Auto Sales Lead Generation System. Continue reading

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Nov 25, 2016 /prREACH/ -- “Sales for the top three auto makers selling in the U.S. slipped in July as the strong growth rate that defined the past six years slows to a crawl, another indication the industry is entering its first sustained plateau since the decade leading to the financial crisis,” according to John D. Stoll and Christina Rogers in an article published by The Wall Street Journal: July Auto Sales Stoke Fears of Market Plateau.

Auto dealers are solving this problem by implementing Mojo Global’s All-in-One Automated Multi-Channel Auto Sales Lead Generation System that can be scaled to any size car dealership. The System includes proprietary software that identifies unlimited prospects, sends out 1,000’s of emails, voicemails and/or text messages and alerts the sales team instantly when a prospect is hot and ready to buy. Employing Mojo Global’s System is like having an automated marketing sales force that doesn’t sleep without the payroll expense.

Recently, a Ford dealership ran a 3-day campaign using Mojo Global’s Auto Sales Lead Generation System with substantial results. Mojo’s System generated 299 inbound phone calls (72 calls in 1 day) of which 252 were unique resulting in new net sales of $10,878.

Mojo’s System allows an auto sales team to focus on closing deals and takes care of the consistent follow up necessary to generate predictable leads.

• Struggling with follow-up • Hate cold calling • Want predictable streams of incoming leads • Are 1,000% committed but need more sales and or customers • Is it difficult to get the sales team to make outbound calls

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Mojo Global founders Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen were bestowed the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” Award by the Phoenix Business Journal and the Best Video Product by Icon Media for Proprietary Lead Generation Software.

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