France vs USA, How Speaker Biba Pedron Wins Big


A lot of people talk results but Biba actually delivers! She’s already done it for the French so duplicating those results in the USA is the prize she is setting her sights on, and she will succeed. Continue reading

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Sep 02, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Biba, international speaker, business coach, author, and marketing expert has made it big in France changing the lives of many.  After much anticipation she has now returned to the USA to help thousands take their business and lives to the next level.

Originally from France but living in the USA for many years, Pedron is finally focusing her attention on the business owners, and entrepreneurs right here in the USA.  She's spent the past year speaking to numerous organizations around France but now wants to bring that effort back "home."

Pedron's clients double or triple their revenues within 3 months of implementing her strategies.  The amount of growth she is able to achieve for her clients makes her someone that you absolutely must know if you own your own business, or want to own your own business.  Biba has helped many people go from not well known, to absolute standouts and industry leaders.  Every successful business strategist, consultant, or coach has their own special recipe to leave change and Pedrons special sauce has seen remarkable traction.  You need to establish goals, the strategy to get there, and most importantly have someone push you and encourage you to get there, that's what Biba can do for her clients.  The amazing thing about having Pedron in one's business is that she also makes the process fun.

Being originally from France she focused on perfecting her process for the challenging French audience first, knowing that once she reached success there, it would be easier to transition back to the USA.  Pedron drew a lot of attention across France from the results she was delivering to her clients.  This quickly drew the attention of corporations to have her speak to their teams, along with event organizers asking her to come speak to their audiences.  Now she is replicating that success in the USA.

The goals are simple: build more visibility, attract more clients, and keep them for life.  However, there is a secret to making that actually happen. Biba Pedron has unlocked that secret and she wants to give it to those lucky business owners and entrepreneurs!

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“It's important to dream to succeed. But don't forget to act to reach your goals.”
- Biba Pedron
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