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Frux Home and Yard are excited to announce the launch of a new product, Luxe Extendable Fairy Star Lights that compliment the company’s original Fairy Star Light set Continue reading

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Mar 31, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Frux Home and Yard have announced the launch of a new product, Luxe Extendable Fairy Star Lights, that compliment the company's original Fairy Star Light set. This new product comes in two sizes of extendable 39 ft and 78 ft sets. It doesn’t replace the original Fairy Star Lights, but is an enhancement for users who want to have the ability to expand their lights when planning their decorating and lighting needs.

As with the original Fairy Star Light set, this new product features a string of LED lights attached to a copper wire. The set can be purchased in a 39 ft length or in a 78 ft version. Up to eight strands can be attached for decorating large areas, giving a maximum length of 312 feet. Frux Home and Yard carries extension sets, sold separately, allowing customers to build out the length of lighting that they require.

A bonus remote control is included with these sets which can be used to dim the lights to the desired level of brightness or to change from a steady burn to a twinkling effect.

These extendable Fairy Star Lights are for use indoors or outdoors and the light strings themselves, are waterproof and can be hung and enjoyed in all seasons and are said to be ideal for special occassions such as birthday parties, weddings or for general use in the back yard and patios.

The lights are bright enough to make an impact even during the day, and provide bright lighting for use in the night.  Because the copper wire is flexible, the lights are a versatile addition to many decorating projects and are also safe to use around children and pets as they don’t burn hot. Further, they won’t damage any surface, so can be freely used around wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

More information on this innovative new product is available on their company website or page

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