Frux Home and Yard Receives Glowing 6 Star Review on Oven Mitts

  • Date: Sep 06, 2018
  • Category: Family

Frux Home and Yard, an Amazon seller who provides high-quality home entertaining and celebration supplies received their first ever 6-star review. Continue reading

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Sep 06, 2018 /prREACH/ -- provides customers with the option to leave a review up to 5 stars on items they have purchased; many shoppers browse these reviews before buying a product to help them determine if the product is made of high-quality and works as advertised. Recently Frux Home and Yard, an Amazon seller who provides high-quality home entertaining and celebration supplies received their first ever 6-star review.

Although Amazon only allows for 5 stars, the happy customer stated in the review title that the product was worth 6. (, July 20th) Frux Home and Yard receives a review from customer Duane who purchased their Sili-Mitts oven mitts and potholders. The shopper stated how they were especially surprised with the oven mitts material. “I first tried them out a couple of days ago and was really surprised at the interior of the mitts,” he then stated that they “are really soft.”

Frux Home and Yards pot holders feature a soft inner lining created with cotton and polyester for maximum comfort. Unlike regular oven mitts, the Sili-Mitts offer a long length convenience to ensure that users forearms stay protected against hot oven racks, steam, and hot water burns.

Duane added that “the mitts are lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable. I am planning on replacing all of my sets of other oven mitts” The outer layer of the oven mitts is entirely silicone, making them very easy to clean even in sticky situations. By using warm water and soap, the oven mitts come clean in minutes and can be hung to dry from the small loop at the bottom of the oven mitts.

The mitts are designed as one size first all to allow for flexibility; they are also ambidextrous friendly meaning it does not matter which hand you use them with, they will always fit. For potential customers who would like a better look at the oven mitts durability, Duane also included a video in the review, demonstrating how the oven mitts temperature stays between 100-166 degrees when being held over a flame that is over 1000 degrees.

With three colors to choose from, gray, blue and black they make great gifts for friends and family. Frux Home and Yard is highly dedicated to pleasing their buyers which is why they only offer top quality products. Free shipping is available on products over $50.00, and if readers would like to purchase the oven gloves they can visit

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