Frux Home and Yard Is Organizing an Early Bird Sign Up Promotion Starting This Week


Frux Home and Yard has just announced an Early Bird Sign Up promo for prospective buyers of home and kitchen supplies. The event is part of the celebration of Amazon’s Prime Day. Continue reading


LAS VEGAS, NV, Jul 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Starting July 5, Frux Home and Yard is doing an early bird sign up promotion for buyers interested in home and kitchen supplies such as the oven mitts, cheese board, tea lights with luminaries, and the picnic backpack set. The said promotion is in time for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, which will start on July 15 and will end on July 16.

About the promotion

All individuals who will sign up for the early bird promotion will be notified via Facebook Messenger. From there, special early bird discounts will be announced as soon as they happen before the 15th of July or right before the Amazon Prime Day.

Frux Home and Yard excitedly announced that they will be offering special discounts on a number of their top-rated home and kitchen items. These include the Silicone Oven Mitts, the Cheese Board and Knife Set, the Tea Lights with Luminary Bags, and the Picnic Backpack Set.

“Interested buyers will have to watch out because we’re giving away amazing deals leading up  to Amazon Prime Day. We know exactly how Amazon users await for huge events like this so we will not disappoint them. If they sign up on our Early Bird Promotion, we promise to keep them updated of the discount vouchers for our Oven Mitts, Picnic Backpack, Cheese Board, and Tea Lights with Luminaries right before the Prime Day starts and throughout the 48 Prime Day period. This way, they’d be the first ones to get our quality items at a fraction of the price”, says Mike MacDonald, Frux Home and Yard’s Media Representative.

About Frux Home and Yard

For several years, Frux Home and Yard has been providing quality home and kitchen items to the valued clients of Amazon. The brand is known for delivering products with Amazon’s Choice badge and heaps of 5-star reviews including the Oven Mitts, Flameless Tealights, Cheese Board and Knife Set, Lantern String Lights, and so much more. The company’s mission is to provide 100% satisfaction through these products and help families lead a better and more comfortable life.



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