Galvagnized Immerses Business Leaders in Core Branding Principles


“Core Branding Principles” is the latest in the Galvagnize Your Brand™ series, high-octane branding classes for business leaders from brand strategy and interactive agency Galvagnized. These classes help businesses explore vital strategies for evolving their brands into powerful beacons of communication that engage their ideal clients and stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

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Sep 08, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Business leaders received a high-powered immersion in winning branding formulas August 18th at CEO Space International—a business growth conference at the Westin Lake Las Vegas. Sandra Galvagny, CEO of brand strategy and interactive agency Galvagnized, taught “Core Branding Principles,” the latest class in the Galvagnize Your Brand series. This course helps businesses create solid foundations for broadcasting their unique value to the world and naturally attracting their target audiences.

In an interactive format, attendees explored fundamental principles essential to strengthening market presence—based on the key concept that people don’t just buy products and services: they buy the experience and the results that a brand promises. Activities focused on brand personality, target audience, marketplace fit, opportunities for expansion, and brand execution roadmaps with design and messaging strategies for print, digital, and mobile platforms.

Galvagnize Your Brand aims to guide businesses in powerful branding that tells a story and creates an emotional connection with ideal clients. Each class takes a detailed look at critical strategies for building a captivating, targeted presence on and offline. Topics range from mission and brand promise to copywriting and the power of visual language. This course reinforces ways to maintain brand consistency in marketing strategy while evolving creatively in response to business developments and market conditions.

Galvagny, a thought leader in brand innovation, provides leading-edge, integrated solutions for the global arena, where words and images are experienced in a myriad of contexts. Galvagnized capitalizes on expertise in brand architecture, technology, and user experience to help companies build successful brands that engage and inspire. “Branding is about igniting the aspirations and emotions of your target audience. Our hearts and minds will always drive decisions of taste as well as our needs and aspirations,” says Galvagny.

Businesses that visit will find more information about advancing brand presence and launching new products and services.

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Branding is more than just a logo or a website—Branding is creating an experience that people connect with on an emotional level.
- Sandra Galvagny
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