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    Garage Cabinets Manufacturer Makes Big Gains through First Half of 2015

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    It’s no secret that powder coated wood garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, has been making an aggressive push to grow its network of local authorized agents. In the first half of 2015, the storage system supplier has seen the largest growth for a five-month period in its history.

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    RedLine Garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com), makers of the original wood powder coat garage cabinets, sells its custom manufactured storage solutions to homeowners throughout the United States and Canada. Its cabinets, closets, and other storage solutions are sold through local authorized agents operating independently owned businesses.

    The growth of the company is almost fully dependent on finding quality, reputable local business owners or entrepreneurs. The local agent then offers, promotes, markets, and sells the product to homeowners within their protected sales territory.

    “We knew from RedLine's inception that the best way to sell our product would be through local authorized agents,” said RedLine garagegear Director of Sales, Bill Garrity. “Our customers need to see and feel the quality difference and it just made the most sense to bring in people vested in the local community to help their neighbors with designing and installing custom storage solutions.”

    Knowing the local agent is the lifeblood of their company, Bill and his team recently decided to become proactive in recruiting local business owners and entrepreneurs to join their ever-expanding agent network.

    Over the past few months, RedLine garagegear has done a variety of things to get the attention of businesses and individuals that would be a good fit for their agent network. The manufacturer has increased its web presence through various advertising platforms. They have also researched areas where they would like to have a local agent; sending out samples and other materials to local businesses they feel would benefit from adding RedLine storage solutions.

    One of the other things they decided to do in 2015 was to have a booth at the 2015 Cabinet and Closets Expo & Conference. Bill and RedLine garagegear president, Troy Greenberg, even had the opportunity to address hundreds of closet retailers from around the country on one of the conference stages.

    “Just being at the 2015 Cabinet and Closets Expo & Conference was huge for us, and being able to tell a large group of people why offering garage cabinets is a great option for their business was just icing on the cake,” Troy said. “Since the show we’ve picked up new dealers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and a number of other areas throughout the country.”

    So far this year RedLine garagegear has added around 30 new local authorized dealers to its agent network.

    There are a number of factors that attract business owners and entrepreneurs alike to the RedLine Dealer program (read all about those in their ‘8 Reasons Why Our Garage Business Opportunity Is Better Than A Franchise’ blog post), but it’s their emphasis on providing maximum benefit to the dealer that seems to be the biggest selling point. RedLine garagegear is not a franchise, so there are no upfront franchise fees or royalties burdening the local agent. And since all of their products are custom made, there are no inventory requirements. Plus, every local agent is given a protected sales territory, which prevents competition between local agents and even the manufacturer itself.

    “Our main objective is to give our local agents every opportunity to succeed,” said Bill. “We want to help them grow their business and local economy which in turn helps us grow. The result is a big win for everyone.”

    Local business owners and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about becoming a RedLine garagegear agent are encouraged to visit the opportunities page on their website at www.RedLineGaragegear.com/opportunities.

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    Our customers need to see and feel the quality difference and it just made the most sense to bring in people vested in the local community to help their neighbors with designing and installing custom storage solutions.
    - Bill Garrity
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