Garden Weed Control Blocker Brand Outlines Woven Landscape Fabric Benefits


FLARMOR, a manufacturer of weed control products, recently highlighted the benefits of using woven landscape fabric in the garden. The company’s weed barrier fabric is a popular Amazon product, with almost 300 reviews. Continue reading


Torrance, CA, Mar 16, 2021 /prREACH/ -- FLARMOR, a manufacturer of garden products, has recently discussed the role of weed control fabrics in garden maintenance. The brand is well known for its wide array of weed control products, and its woven landscape fabric has received a positive response from Amazon shoppers.

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Landscape fabric is designed to act as a physical barrier between soil and sun. It typically consists of woven fibers and comes in rolls. Landscape fabric is an effective way to limit weed growth by preventing weeds in the soil from getting any sunlight. This reduces the need for herbicidal weed control.

"Ground cover landscape fabric is ideal for long-term weed prevention for plantings without coverings," says a spokesperson from the brand. "This garden weed barrier consists of three layers of laminated spunbond plastic fabric for extra strength and light blockage."

Made of high-quality material, FLARMOR's weed blocker fabric is available in a 3 by 300 feet size and a 3.2-ounce thickness. The product conserves water and is suitable for heavy-duty landscape use.

The brand's woven landscape fabric has high elasticity and durability and allows air, nutrients and water to pass through. The product is suitable for all types of gardens and can be set up in just a couple of hours, without any additional equipment or professional support. In addition to weed control, the product can also be used as a separation layer. Many users have used this landscape fabric to combat erosion and protect soil from sudden weather changes.

Like all its products, FLARMOR has used high-quality materials to manufacture its weed blocker fabric. The cloth is completely environmentally friendly and can withstand acids, bases and other aggressive materials found in the soil.

One of the most noteworthy features of this weed blocking fabric is its innovative WeedStop technology, which allows users to prevent large-scale weed growth on their outdoor displays. This woven fabric mat is UV-stabilized, and it can last even in direct sunlight.

Absorbency, resilience, strength, washability, cushioning, filtering and package protection are some other useful functions of this product. All buyers of this weed blocker receive a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

"I've purchased this years before and had no problem with it," writes a satisfied user in an Amazon review. "I needed more for expanding the garden. Works great as a weed barrier in the garden and under rocks on the walkway. Happy with this purchase, and it's better than the thin cheaper fabric ones."

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