Get Organized Hangout Presents Ways To Reduce Time & Money on Grocery Shopping


People often spend too much time grocery shopping and spend too much money buying items that they already own. This hangout will help viewers get better organized before, during and after trips to the grocery. The next Get Organized Google Hangout to air April 28 at 10 am PST will show viewers how to get organized and streamlined so that less time and money has to be spent on the weekly task of grocery shopping. Continue reading

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Apr 25, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Professional Organizer Kathi Burns will interview Julie Zizka, the Founder of Tote Buddy on this next weekly Get Organized Google Hangout.

Tote Buddy is a new organizing system for reusable shopping bags. This product makes becoming eco-friendly easy and effortless. Founder Julie Zizka noticed that lots of other busy women were having the same problem she was: forgetting reusable grocery bags at home or in the car. After deducing that the solution depended on keeping bags handy, she sewed together a portfolio-like organizer with materials from a fabric store. It worked like a charm, and did the job with style, so Zizka contacted a manufacturer. Soon afterwards, The Tote Buddy was born.

“This is the world’s first reusable grocery bag organizer,” Zizka said. “Many cities across the U.S. have adopted ‘ban the bag’ or ‘bag tax’ legislation. Reusable bags are clearly here to stay.”

The Tote Buddy enfolds reusable grocery bags in a flat, neat bundle, allowing for easy transport on shopping trips to grocery stores, farmers’ markets and so on. Shoppers keep the organizer in the car until they reach the store or market and then place it in the shopping cart. The Tote Buddy organizer reduces the space that would have been occupied by multiple reusable bags loose in the cart.

There are so many ways to get better organized for grocery shopping and tote buddy provides one solution. “I attach my shopping list to the Tote Buddy with a clip so I can easily see the list items, but my hands are free for shopping,” said Zizka. “At checkout, I hand The Tote Buddy to the packers so they have all the bags they need. Then I put it and any unused bags into one of the packed bags.”

Once Zizka unpacks everything at home, she returns the bags to The Tote Buddy and hangs the organizer on the pantry door so she remembers it the next time she goes to her car. Tote Buddy has a new version that allows consumers to keep a rewritable grocery list directly on the product. In the car, The Tote Buddy slides easily into a door pocket. Instead of being spread about the car and house, the reusable bags are once again in one convenient place.

“We’re making progress in environmental stewardship, and reusable bags are the easiest and most inexpensive way for consumers to help heal the planet. With The Tote Buddy, switching from paper or plastic to reusable bags is a cinch.”

During this Get Organized Google Hangout, Kathi and Julie will show viewers many other organizing tactics to streamline and simplify the art of grocery shopping, including organizing the refrigerator and pantry. Every viewer will also have the opportunity to receive Kathi’s latest eBook Home Organization, The Smart Guide for free. Click this link to register for this free event.

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Kathi Burns, CPO

"Grocery shopping does not have to be as time intensive and expensive as many people make it. There are easy ways to streamline and simplify the process."
- Kathi Burns, CPO
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