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Being disorganized affects every area of our life, including over-consumption. We reach for our stapler and then can’t find it. We need it now so we head out the door to pick up another one real quick! A month goes by and we find the original accidentally when we are searching for something else. Now we have two. Continue reading


Apr 20, 2013 /prREACH/ -- In celebration of National Earth Month, Kathi Burns is on a mission to help people turn over a new leaf and stop over consuming with her new Home Organizing Made Simple online organizing course.

The more material possessions we consume during our lifetime, the more factories have to keep  producing. No matter how closely regulated, mass production impacts the environment. Many things that we buy on impulse, end up lying around and or getting lost in the midst of our other possessions. Clutter in our home not only affects the earth, it affects our entire life, mind, body, mind and spirit.

As a Board Certified Professional Organizer, Kathi Burns, CPO® provides easy to implement solutions to clear the excess clutter from our home and mind in her new online course Home Organizing Made Simple. The easy to follow steps are self-paced and designed to help us get our home and life in order inside and out, once and for all! Home Organizing Made Simple is now available at

This self-paced online course inspires us to change the physical environment within our home room-by-room, closet by closet, cupboard by cupboard. During this journey, it also helps change our thought process and see how we ended up in a disorganized state of being. As Oprah always says, “when you know better, you do better.”

Home Organizing Made Simple provides easy manageable, short sprints to help you clear the clutter within every area of our home. Videos, audios, checklists and more keep us from feeling overwhelmed as we tackle each area. Kathi’s videos provide a gentle, professional, guiding light to help you move through your process.

Even small changes can release blocked energy and prepare us for a new and healthier lifestyle that will directly contribute to helping sustain the earth’s resources. Space brings power and clarity into our lives. It frees the spirit and helps us live with gusto and focus while needing less things to be happy. Altering our tangible outer selves—our surroundings, calendars, and wardrobes—produces the momentum needed to transform our inner core and become more conscious about over consuming precious resources.

This Course Has Organizing Solutions for Every Room Within Our Home as Well as Our Mind! Home Organizing Made Simple is a unique online course because it doesn’t simply address how to get our home organized, it also helps us why we created a cluttered and dysfunctional environment. Most of the time our cluttered habits are directly related to our relationship with change. This course helps us get to the heart of the problem. It addresses ALL of the potential areas of “stuck-ness” in our home including basements, attics and other dark spaces, including our mind!

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When you know better, you do better
- Oprah Winfrey
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