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Seniors can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with simple-to-do exercises provided in Healthy Seniors Exercise sets. Each kit contains step by step instructions for a low impact workout that can be easily done in the comfort of a chair. Continue reading


Nov 19, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Healthy Seniors is pleased to offer exercise kits that make it easy for older men and women to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. The exercise sets are ideal gifts for grandparents, as the exercises are suitable for the elderly but will also benefit anyone who finds it difficult to complete a workout that incorporates standing up or laying on the floor, says the brand.

Seated exercises are recommended for anyone starting a new exercise regime, and all exercises included in each Healthy Seniors kit can be done while sitting in a chair. According to the brand, the strength training routines included in the sets can help reduce symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, back pain, osteoporosis, obesity and depression.

A spokesperson from the company stated, "Studies have shown that even a small amount of strength training can increase bone density, overall strength and balance. It can also reduce the risk of falls that can lead to fractures. By improving balance, flexibility, endurance and strength, older adults can stay healthier longer. We think our exercise kits make the best gifts for elderly parents or friends this holiday season because of the health benefits they provide year-round."

The company says that Healthy Senior Exercises targets a wide range of muscle groups and offers the ability to vary the intensity of the exercises, also making it suitable for rehab and physical therapy. There are three different kits available: The Complete Hand Therapy Set, the Chair Exercise Program with Exercise Ball and the Chair Exercise Program with Two Resistance Bands and Handles. A step by step booklet is included in all sets for clear instruction on how to complete each exercise. A YouTube channel can be found online with videos to compliment the booklet for more direction on the exercises if needed.

One very satisfied Amazon customer had this to say about the Chair Exercise Program with Two Resistance Bands and Handles, "I like that the bands are easy to use, the booklet is user-friendly and the photos are great. I did not have any problem in doing the exercises for the very first time. I look forward to trying more exercises and products from this vendor!"

Those interested in learning more about Healthy Seniors Exercises' gifts for seniors should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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Healthy Seniors started in 2017 with a simple question – how can I help my aging parents to stay healthy? They were getting older and were not exercising as much as they should – as a result, they started to have different health problems that were affecting the quality of their lives. I started discussing with my physical therapist and this is how Healthy Seniors was born – a set of exercises specially designed for elderly people.
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